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14 dagen geleden

It is a short journey from our Red Bull Racing Honda HQ in Milton Keynes to Silverstone for round 10 of the 2021 Formula 1 season - the British Grand Prix. Can you beat Max Verstappen's time in the RB16 on Codemasters' F1 2020 game?

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make 10 uur geleden
Its not easy to watch him going through copse :l
Gonçalo Duarte
Gonçalo Duarte Dag geleden
red Bull is shit
John Wick
John Wick 2 dagen geleden
Shame he didn't get that far in the race 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sparx 2 dagen geleden
He sometimes holds the break a little even tho being on the straight for a while?
Fathee Yusoof
Fathee Yusoof 2 dagen geleden
From Start Of Lap 2 I Almost Blinked In The Lap I Was Doing A Half Closed Eyes Until Lap 3 (Finish)
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 2 dagen geleden
Max only blinks on the straights. Blinking is too much of a distraction
Huks chishi Kohima
Huks chishi Kohima 3 dagen geleden
Here, it would be a case of blinding oneself not to consider that the championship leader and race leader was extending his lead by sizable points over a period of time leading Hamilton to drive with desperation, save further embarassment by ensuring the other do not score better. This is a case that needs to consider this aspect or else we will continue to witness tragedies between championship leader and pursuer in any future races, for many years to come. This will have terrible ramifications and needs appropriate redressal.
rotorg33k 3 dagen geleden
This is how the future works! :)
martini668 5 dagen geleden
They should have programmed a merc in there so max could train to get out of his way
Edoardo Vargas
Edoardo Vargas 6 dagen geleden
kevin n
kevin n 6 dagen geleden
Hoping you are ok Max!! That was obviously a brutal crash. A 10 second penalty was a joke quite frankly. 3 times Lewis has made a move like this, but this was the worst. Alex was the victim twice and now you. I'm just glad your car didn't barrel roll, and that parts of your car didn't fly into the audience. Channel your inner Ricky Bobby!!! Apparently Lewis thinks this is Nascar.
H 7 dagen geleden
Red bull so saulty they need a lawyer 😂 0 points at Silverstone 👍😂
Vittavas Ajcharerk
Vittavas Ajcharerk 7 dagen geleden
Lewis suffers from "Formula 1 trophy withdraws". I think Bottas and Russell's crash was fixed to stop Max and Red Bull Racing.
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 7 dagen geleden
Max: "Now it's your turn to fully send it!" Lewis: "Got it, will do! ...oh, you did not mean it like that?"
Rick Representações e Histórias
Rick Representações e Histórias 7 dagen geleden
Max will have to learn to deal with Hamilton's bad loser, finishing second would be good enough to win the championship, there are still many races to go Max needs to keep an advantage and escape Lewis' traps, he took Max and still Got lucky.
DevilG 8 dagen geleden
Best driver already and he's still young too, unreal. Long and promising career ahead of Max
Andi Doci
Andi Doci 9 dagen geleden
The accident at the race last weekend was an intentional hitjob with the excuse of negligence. It's not just Lewis who should be held responsible but also Mercedes for putting a driver like that on the track! It's much like the same logic as auto insurance, if you let someone borrow your vehicle then you are still responsible what they do with that vehicle, else you should have not put that driver on the road. I agree!
paiermen 9 dagen geleden
Came back to this video to see how fast he was going into turn 9 😅
GranYo1 9 dagen geleden
Max, it’s really cool to see your gaming skill, but you need to stop showing your foot work on this game racing videos. I’m sure your competition is definitely looking at it. Dirty players, will do anything to win. Look at the British GP:(
Synchro Mech
Synchro Mech 10 dagen geleden
Good thing Mad Max has this to bring to the FIA meeting room. Lewis should have got closer to the apex like any top driver.... 😏📖
szewei1985 10 dagen geleden
Haha nice
Ishaan Bhave
Ishaan Bhave 10 dagen geleden
I don't think the simulator took into account Hamilton missing the apex by a mile and ramming Max into the wall, rendering himself with no real contender for the race win.
Jj Ss
Jj Ss 6 uur geleden
@Andy S Max could have but hamilton should have.
Andy S
Andy S 6 uur geleden
@Jj Ss Max and Lewis were alongside each other when the corner actually begins. Lewis turns for the corner and so does Max, but then Max turns again turning into Lewis. The stewards gave Hamilton the penality because Lewis was not tight to the apex but Max could still have avoided the accident by not turning into Hamilton and taking a wider line. Max and Horner were so angry after what happened because they knew it was their big mistake, not solely that of Hamilton. Let's hope the tears have dried up and the kid has learnt his lessons for this weekend.
Jj Ss
Jj Ss 6 uur geleden
@Andy S at that point Max was ahead. During any other overtake attempt when somone infront closes the door overtaker isnt allowed to just slam into the driver ahead and is supposed to avoid collision and brake ( or take any other action to avoid contact ). Similar here hamilton is behind. Max turns to actually make the corner and not leave track in same way as Leclerc did and even though Max turned he still left a car width of space. It all comes down to hamiltons driving error as his car understeered and he refused to back out. And stewards gave him a penalty ( albeit lenient but they did ) which makes him responsible for the collision. No matter how much you dont like it he was basically found guilty by stewards.
Andy S
Andy S 6 uur geleden
@Jj Ss It was Max who turned his car towards Lewis. The videos clearly show that. Move on.
Jj Ss
Jj Ss 20 uur geleden
@Andy S the fact that hamilton turned his wheelconce doesnt mean he didnt understeer into Max and caused a collision
EpicGreen Arrow
EpicGreen Arrow 10 dagen geleden
I feel bad he crash in Silverstone
LazyLow 10 dagen geleden
aaaaaaaaaaaand he's in Hospital.
Barca Masters oficial
Barca Masters oficial 10 dagen geleden
he did not know yet that such a good weekend would turn into the worst one this season
Melanie Miles
Melanie Miles 12 dagen geleden
And his time beat his actual practice today of 1:30 !!! Love it! Can’t wait til tomorrow!!!
Melanie Miles
Melanie Miles 12 dagen geleden
I just love his focus anytime he sits in the sim!!! I just love watching Super Max drive! Reminds me of Ayrton Senna ❤️❤️🏎
szewei1985 10 dagen geleden
Haha back in the day there is no simulator yet. How fast we have progressed already.
Tadeas Matejka
Tadeas Matejka 12 dagen geleden
Sergio Perez Virtual Lap?
kevin Goudzwaard
kevin Goudzwaard 12 dagen geleden
why isnt it the new f1 game
CGIPadawan 12 dagen geleden
What is this Playseat racing seat model? I don't see it on their website.
Fernanda 13 dagen geleden
Whos here after he got 2
Baldwin 13 dagen geleden
You Go Max! Good luck at Silverstone 🇱🇺🙂👍
B-Bek Mallik
B-Bek Mallik 13 dagen geleden
I am completed this lap in 1:19:345
Big fan
Big fan 12 dagen geleden
167 13 dagen geleden
1:12 Is there some kind of "hud" we don't see or are you telling me Max just noticed a heli in the air? XD Wonder where he was looking at.
XVllllll-llllllll 13 dagen geleden
Still on F1 2020 😬😬🤔
dayanish JOSE
dayanish JOSE 13 dagen geleden
but alex can beat max on a simulator
Corona virus
Corona virus 13 dagen geleden
Pure Masterclass 💪
Knxght 13 dagen geleden
Max is the best 💯
Niklas Berlin
Niklas Berlin 13 dagen geleden
Oh gosh this over-use and misuse of "Send it" is so embarrassing. It's only, and specifically, the dive bombing into a corner, or overly fast, beyond control just flying through a turn, reckless abandon - that is sending it. Hamilton sent it in Baku, Ric used to do it, and in esport it's common. Max here is just driving normally. Even heard it in the Euros, english players "sending it" while just kicking the ball normally - sending it in football would just be close-eyes toe-punting it with all might. The wrecklessness, put it all on the line is the core of the send.
FunLovinB 13 dagen geleden
Love these virtual lap tours, only thing missing is commentary from the driver.
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire 13 dagen geleden
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire 13 dagen geleden
The next one on the 2021
MASTER HANIFF 13 dagen geleden
How many times did Max blink his eyes for this 1 lap...?
Avijit Ghosh
Avijit Ghosh 13 dagen geleden
guys i have a nice idea f0r F1 presentati0n..............whenever a driver wins a race he wiII get a "G0LD STAR" 0n his hat/cap.................and When they win champi0nship they get a g0Id badge 0n their chest [ Like army 0fficers ].............and f0r c0nstruct0rs wiII have Embroidery star 0n their unif0rm.............this wiII b c00I.
Aviation17 13 dagen geleden
Not even RedBull wants to buy the new F12021 game😂 it’s way too expensive
文义乐 13 dagen geleden
Petition to have Checo do this?
MC Kong
MC Kong 13 dagen geleden
What's the rationale behind having the brakes slightly depressed on corner exit, whether feathering the throttle or fully sending it?
Muhammad Raihan Farel Ananto
Muhammad Raihan Farel Ananto 13 dagen geleden
Darth Lord Raven
Darth Lord Raven 13 dagen geleden
max is going to win the championship this year, if checo does well they take the constructors championship as well.
Joe Escobar
Joe Escobar 13 dagen geleden
Big Jeff
Big Jeff 13 dagen geleden
Wish it was F1 2021
George Mathebula
George Mathebula 13 dagen geleden
Max Verstappen on Pole :)
Alex Kostas
Alex Kostas 13 dagen geleden
I have to say... This lap is a lot faster than the laps he did in other tracks previously. Way more aggressive and precise in his lines. As if he spent a lot more time on the game since his last track guide
Fabiola Matus Guerrero
Fabiola Matus Guerrero 13 dagen geleden
Por DIOS! Ese hombre ni respira, jajajaja esperemos que mañana esté excelente.
chuala428 13 dagen geleden
why is it still F1 2020?
Jason McMullen
Jason McMullen 13 dagen geleden
Thank you for uploading in 1080p again, the last few videos were 720p
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini 13 dagen geleden
Redbull can't afford $60 for F1 2021? LOL
Frank Hahn
Frank Hahn 13 dagen geleden
Sir Ringe
Sir Ringe 13 dagen geleden
Yo this dudes quite fast, maybe he should try real racing, I think he'd be great.
Siempie Bez
Siempie Bez 13 dagen geleden
To the Max 👍
Sovereign Brand
Sovereign Brand 13 dagen geleden
JOEL 13 dagen geleden
Checo Perez
DjokerNole Cristi
DjokerNole Cristi 13 dagen geleden
His feel in the car is so amazing. Such a beast!
Frans Samuel
Frans Samuel 13 dagen geleden
1:13 What was he looking at? It must be driver's right, but there's nothing there!
D. Katzroy
D. Katzroy 7 dagen geleden
Isn't he looking at that helicopter?
Israel Uribe
Israel Uribe 13 dagen geleden
Parpadeo los ojos 3 veces increíble estado de concentración y enfoque este cuate no es normal será el campeón por una década ya lo verán
Ruben 13 dagen geleden
He blinked three times, this kid has more focus than Ford!
WhippyWhip 13 dagen geleden
shame the f1 games don't actually support triple screens
BombaRj 13 dagen geleden
1:35 kkkkkkk
Devaj Masuku
Devaj Masuku 13 dagen geleden
Max you better to a pole position if you want to win this race just stay focus don't get anger the best of you and come back a winner
Creatorjay 19
Creatorjay 19 13 dagen geleden
Finally a genuine time
Kevin Cohen
Kevin Cohen 13 dagen geleden
Aaah he can't even afford f1-2021
Rens van Vendeloo
Rens van Vendeloo 13 dagen geleden
Wow your profile picture is so edgy!
Friday Weekend
Friday Weekend 13 dagen geleden
Max always has the camera pointed at his feet when he's racing with Lando. How much do you give away............ Max is not a copy cat...............but others are or will be!!
Sergey Baturin
Sergey Baturin 13 dagen geleden
Нехило он атакует
Michael Alter
Michael Alter 13 dagen geleden
Michael Alter
Michael Alter 13 dagen geleden
I read this in English
Michael Alter
Michael Alter 13 dagen geleden
Michael Alter
Michael Alter 13 dagen geleden
Я тут написал на русском
Andreas Gunnarsson
Andreas Gunnarsson 13 dagen geleden
Maciej B
Maciej B 13 dagen geleden
Daniel Mondelli
Daniel Mondelli 13 dagen geleden
Super Max👍💪
Best Farmer
Best Farmer 14 dagen geleden
Gotta find out wat setup he is usin it fire 🔥
Rocket Racer
Rocket Racer 14 dagen geleden
I did Britain in a 1:23.2
_ loop
_ loop 14 dagen geleden
This dude..
Azim-RS 14 dagen geleden
Max Top.
Jon 14 dagen geleden
hahaha you can tell he practised for this one 😁
THIS_X peria 420
THIS_X peria 420 14 dagen geleden
WTF why not play in the F1 2021?
Jan Štika
Jan Štika 14 dagen geleden
1:27:784 controller
M L 14 dagen geleden
I love this track! One of the best of the calender. Im curious how Hamilton will perform this weekend. It's his home race, but the pressure is high. He really has to beat Max, this race is crucial for him.
M L 13 dagen geleden
@Markus Groß-Bölting Bwahaha....yeah ofcourse because his highness is never the one to blame
Markus Groß-Bölting
Markus Groß-Bölting 13 dagen geleden
Lewis Hamilton will drive his car against the next wall with full throttle and blame the mechanics for his mistake 😋
Harshit Sharma
Harshit Sharma 14 dagen geleden
Hamilton's last year Q3 qualifying was 1:24:30 🤷🏻‍♂️
Boaz Rasing
Boaz Rasing 13 dagen geleden
Last years car was faster than this years car
TeamSukiyo 14 dagen geleden
I wonder if this is from the 2021 game.....
niels kerszemaker
niels kerszemaker 14 dagen geleden
en zo simpel gaat mneer Verstapen de pole pakken, en de race winnen 123 groeten uit Frieslan
Thien Red
Thien Red 14 dagen geleden
💪 Max 🤙
Cosmo Gamer
Cosmo Gamer 14 dagen geleden
F1 2020?
☆Seth☆ 14 dagen geleden
Good luck Max I'll be supporting u and redbull
Watercooledguy 14 dagen geleden
Best I could do was a 1:26.509
Dirk van den Berg
Dirk van den Berg 14 dagen geleden
The footage is not 100% accurate, of course. All racers wear gloves in the car and I am sure they wear different shoes.
Jonas Hütter
Jonas Hütter 14 dagen geleden
When does Checo do a Lap?
2jzandy s
2jzandy s 13 dagen geleden
Next year
Simon Green
Simon Green 14 dagen geleden
Max hope you come first on all tracks and send it for red bull but not this track. Silverstone is for Lando or Lewis.)) Go GB!
Mr. MotoGP
Mr. MotoGP 14 dagen geleden
Buy F1 2021 you have enough money I think
Mary Pequeño
Mary Pequeño 14 dagen geleden
Los 4 dislikes son: Hamilton, Bottas, Toto y Russell
Renato Rei Rei da estrada.
Renato Rei Rei da estrada. 14 dagen geleden
É nós.
Pep is a bald fraud
Pep is a bald fraud 14 dagen geleden
Aaron Santa Maria
Aaron Santa Maria 14 dagen geleden
Max, bring the heat this weekend!
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