Behind The Charge | Our Magical Journey from the Czech Republic to Slovakia

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You've seen the film, now join us 'Behind the Charge' on our recent road trip from castle to castle in the beautiful countries of Czechia and Slovakia. Plus, find out how we pulled off a world first stunt with Red Bull Air Race Champion Martin Šonka.

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HJS Dag geleden
Respect for all the crew. It's take a lot of effort just to make 8 min actual video. Well done
Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx 13 dagen geleden
Bravo. ,!
Danko Films
Danko Films 14 dagen geleden
It´s amazing how people can be so professional ... everyone has an important piece. And then, very important is a harmony all of them. Thank you for creating that masterpice! :) Love your work. Greetings from Czech
Yudha Saputra
Yudha Saputra 14 dagen geleden
Any honest guide fans?
kurd kurd
kurd kurd 15 dagen geleden
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 26 dagen geleden
Will Max be ever breaking the world record for being the longest or will he end up being a Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1? Kimi won it after 6, Alonso /Hamilton/Vettel won after his 3rd. Unfortunately he is another Nigel.😩p
Zane Wong
Zane Wong 27 dagen geleden
Good to see Lee Stevenson here. Miss him on the grid.
Good Comrade
Good Comrade Maand geleden
movie about movie where tells about movie. Definetly something on the "inception" level
Ahmet Can Sipahi- Captain Can
Ahmet Can Sipahi- Captain Can Maand geleden
Thanks guys 🤙🏼
DeeP Bose
DeeP Bose Maand geleden
Epic Redbull movie
Jasonz W
Jasonz W Maand geleden
Pala Gebeş
Pala Gebeş Maand geleden
arthur f1 fan oficial
arthur f1 fan oficial Maand geleden
i have a great idea for you guys anwser me if interested
Megat Hakim
Megat Hakim Maand geleden
The best F1 travels tour 5 star Redbull😘🤗
Jasonz W
Jasonz W Maand geleden
JH Maand geleden
2:16 This dude talks like an auctioneer... :D
Petr Hotovec
Petr Hotovec Maand geleden
very cool video -markus your the man
nvt nvt
nvt nvt Maand geleden
after blowing at the donut cake everybody had to go do a corona testing
Max Biagi
Max Biagi Maand geleden
David riding in all scenes?
Omar Silva
Omar Silva Maand geleden
Where is Behind the Charge in Baku????
willbriss 11
willbriss 11 Maand geleden
aspire Maand geleden
Simply amazing. Thank you Red Bull. You are the best!
Steev Maand geleden
Mercedes and McLaren : let's keep old f1 cars in museum to showcase our history. Redbull racing : we go on mud road.
Nava D
Nava D Maand geleden
C´mon guys where´s the Checo merchandising? you are loosing big here in Mexico...
Dammed this looks dangerous, I thought they were separate shots of the plane and the car.
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson Maand geleden
Ken Block is about to come in with "hold my beer"
Eddie Correa
Eddie Correa Maand geleden
I mean.... sure? But I want to see actual team footage. Not some stupid promo shit.
Belle Jens
Belle Jens Maand geleden
So when Checo wins the race we don’t get an actual video celebrating his win? I’m confused. The Baku race was so exciting. Where is that footage?!?!
bu kwok
bu kwok Maand geleden
5:49 birthday boy bar fight..?
bu kwok
bu kwok Maand geleden
renault f1 v8 sounds aswome!!
Petr Miksanek
Petr Miksanek Maand geleden
Bravo Markusi
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 Maand geleden
479er Maand geleden
5:34 Wasn't expecting Dáme jídlo. Birthday donuts from a food delivery service
Michael Odhiambo
Michael Odhiambo Maand geleden
Can't wait to see you in Africa
Stop Dripping
Stop Dripping Maand geleden
As a person from Slovakia, I appreciate Red Bull for showing the beauty of our country, and my home city Bratislava. Enjoyed watching formula right out of our office :)
Michal Lukáč
Michal Lukáč Maand geleden
Behubd the CHARGE. That just begs for having Formula-E to be showcased instead of F1.
Providencenl Maand geleden
I miss Lee Stevenson in the Red Bull garage!
Zetta Ermakova
Zetta Ermakova Maand geleden
The format and the plot of the promo video is very creative! It's a great example of co-operation of the Global brand and the beauty of the country in the heart of Europe. The goal is achieved. This video gives us a similar idea to promote Sochi, cause every autumn we host Grand Prix Formula 1. Thanks a lot for thrilling emotions generated by the cutting-edge technologies of Red Bull and the eternal beauty of Czechia and Slovakia!
NJ Maand geleden
I’m curious those it use a honda engine or they just change the livery?
THREEDOM Maand geleden
Well Done! :)
Alioth Maand geleden
DC probably has the best after retirement career for any Former F1 Drivers
SAITAMA Maand geleden
EjEmSi Maand geleden
So I knew about the Spiš castle location and I really wanted to go but then I didn't go because I realized that in order for them to get the perfect shot the area had to be closed off. I guess the people that were there didn't have the same realization and it's sad because that could have been a beautiful shot.
Henrik Maand geleden
Being on the marketing team of Red Bull must be pretty insane, no idea is crazy enough and budget is no worry either.
Joel124 Maand geleden
There using an old car nice
I Just Fell Down
I Just Fell Down Maand geleden
I love how you guys do product placement even for Behind the scene videos.
Jesus Fon
Jesus Fon Maand geleden
Max Snellink
Max Snellink Maand geleden
I live 20 mins from these locations. Brit abroad. What a gem to see the local area get some exposure. Hopefully this winter everything is open. Kudos Redbull 👍🏻
Dominic Gaccioli
Dominic Gaccioli Maand geleden
2030 will be 25years of Redbull being in F1. Autobiographical movie coming in 9 years.
Matthias Sodomka
Matthias Sodomka Maand geleden
kto ut je od klukov z prahy? :D
JCis Maand geleden
We need behind the charge from Checo's win in baku.
Qwerty Qwerty
Qwerty Qwerty Maand geleden
Please add, Behind the charge. Checo in Azerbaijan
Bernardo Pellicel
Bernardo Pellicel Maand geleden
I wanna race with red bull , what i need 😂😂 its my dream Memories from Brazil
Davisglz Maand geleden
Steve Lynn
Steve Lynn Maand geleden
@redbullracinghonda - you should develop a mobile dyno trailer that allows the car to run up to top speeds. get it hot, do the difficult takes while at "optimal" temps. Rinse and repeat. Also, it'd be Bad-A.
david sha
david sha Maand geleden
we need the checo's win in baku
Simpotaa Maand geleden
Wow ❤️
Ardol Cz
Ardol Cz Maand geleden
5:11 Jirka Král car the red
Sreejith Maand geleden
Absolute Madlads !!!!!
Nixsabela Maand geleden
Where’s the “behind the charge” of Checo’s win?
Ry Maand geleden
Yall have to get 2 more seats for Yuki and Gasly
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren Maand geleden
Thats not the Behind the Charge we wanted
The GhostMaw
The GhostMaw Maand geleden
2:09 you can see Janek from honest guide on the right :D
First Prototype
First Prototype Maand geleden
Like I said in the realise video, perfect team 👌 Need a second video made by you and if is good or better only you can make redbull videos
rémY Maand geleden
imagine this with the 2022 car
Sandy B
Sandy B Maand geleden
Hi Lee (Stevenson) Great to see you, we miss you on track! Also what a great 'behind the scenes' look. Thats a lot of work!!
king fighter
king fighter Maand geleden
Max crash Baku animation other options
Pablo Benitez
Pablo Benitez Maand geleden
Red Bull Racing Honda soy de Argentina y quiero la camisa que usan en la F-1 donde la puedo encontrar.Gracias Vamos por el 1 y 2 este fin de semana en Francia!!!
Madjayax Maand geleden
18:24, is that fresh injury?
Jaromír Grunt
Jaromír Grunt Maand geleden
eyyy hi from czechia
BL Flo
BL Flo Maand geleden
A good reason to follow this Formula 1 team...their media...simply...superb!
LiseCanada Maand geleden
David did not drive the car. He only acted as the driver, which is sad because they're not fooling anyone. Great video they made though!
aslam mohammed
aslam mohammed Maand geleden
if we consider this as last rite for a f1 car, then its the best one can make. cause this is better than the museum. make it glorious.
Dinesh Parthasarathy
Dinesh Parthasarathy Maand geleden
Which year F1 car is that?
ImBadAtCOD Maand geleden
Is there a particular reason why the photographer needed to be wearing a ghillie suit camo? LOL
Pavel Vitek
Pavel Vitek 23 dagen geleden
so he is not visible in the shot lol?
Elly Elzinga
Elly Elzinga Maand geleden
Love it!! So epic, and also love the sound of the RB7!
xd lol
xd lol Maand geleden
5:38 yo that's not a candle man😂
McLovin Maand geleden
So no behind the charge for Azerbaijan?
jose martinez
jose martinez Maand geleden
Awesome job!! 👏 👏 💪💪🇷🇧👋🇲🇽
Thebassist Noeve
Thebassist Noeve Maand geleden
Behind the Charge from Baku??? 🤔🤔🤔
A Clever Name
A Clever Name Maand geleden
DC looks like he's got a powdered wig for hair
Isra Borja
Isra Borja Maand geleden
And what about the charge of Checo’s win?
beautiful wreck
beautiful wreck Maand geleden
they did this in 6 days...
Radek Růžička
Radek Růžička Maand geleden
Viper Maand geleden
2:06 Lee Stevenson back in his habitat.😁
martini668 Maand geleden
A m a z i n g
TVRima Maand geleden
Tleskám, kam to Markus zase posunul a nesmírně se těším na jeho další tvorbu!
Anna Carol
Anna Carol Maand geleden
So so epic my god
Flawblade Maand geleden
Amazing video, why don't you use a 2019/2020 car to record these videos? I think these cars would look even more awesome in these kind of shots
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay Maand geleden
Has to be at least 3 years old
Joseph Pacheco
Joseph Pacheco Maand geleden
Formula 1 has strict rules about using your car for stuff like this. I think if they use their more recent cars for stunts like this it might be seen as unauthorized practice, and they could be fined. But because formula 1 no longer uses v8 engines, Red Bull is allowed to use their older v8 powered car since it cant be used to gain any information that'll help them with their current car. Plus you have the benefit of showing off the sound of the v8 engines for the fans.
Joege Maand geleden
Mtl Mkshp
Mtl Mkshp Maand geleden
Come on Red Bull where's the behind the charge of bakuuuuuuuuuuuu
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Maand geleden
We need behind the charge from Checo's win in baku.
Juan Carlos Jean Arenas
Juan Carlos Jean Arenas 29 dagen geleden
You can see something similar in Checo's channel. He uploaded a week after the race. But yeah, hopefully they can make one for Checo's win.
Angel Loaiza
Angel Loaiza Maand geleden
Siddharth N.
Siddharth N. Maand geleden
Behind the Charge: Checo's maiden win for the team ???
Joshua Bracero
Joshua Bracero Maand geleden
Beyond the charge Baku when?
Pritam Saha Keerthi
Pritam Saha Keerthi Maand geleden
I am happy that this video exists. Great watch
Terms of Universe
Terms of Universe Maand geleden
Az a Czech person, I really appreciate Red Bull showing the beauty of our country!
GulliNL Maand geleden
I've been to Prague once, really loved it there (loved the local beers a lot!) and now I want to see the real Czechia too, go and see the rest of the country. From what I have seen it's supposed to be a beautiful country.
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Maand geleden
Aj Slovensko
Henrik Maand geleden
@Terms of Universe it was an event pop up in a mall or airport I think, they were really nice :)
Terms of Universe
Terms of Universe Maand geleden
@Henrik really cool they let you do that!
Henrik Maand geleden
I remember Red Bull doing a lot of marketing stuff with F1 in czech / slovakia. When I was 12 there visiting relatives being from sweden I got to change tyres on a F1 car, it was super fun.
Andres Santos
Andres Santos Maand geleden
I am still waiting for the behind the charge of Checo's Baku win 😔👌🏿
Bobbie Rizkie Mandhala Hermanto
Bobbie Rizkie Mandhala Hermanto Maand geleden
We need baku behind the charges guyss 🙄
Felipe de Jesús Niembro Muñoz
Felipe de Jesús Niembro Muñoz Maand geleden
Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez Maand geleden
I think you skipped the Behind the Charge in Baku!
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