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Welcome back, Baku! 🇦🇿 We're going back to the streets of Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, so get up-to-speed with the long straights and the castle section with a virtual hot lap from Max Verstappen on Codemasters' F1 2020.

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Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 26 dagen geleden
Will Max be ever breaking the world record for being the longest or will he end up being a Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1? Kimi won it after 6, Alonso /Hamilton/Vettel won after his 3rd. Unfortunately he is another Nigel.😩
Chandra Pratama
Chandra Pratama Maand geleden
Eliel Nironen
Eliel Nironen Maand geleden
”Oh and the rear left goes out”
Nimeesha Ashok
Nimeesha Ashok Maand geleden
rafael lima
rafael lima Maand geleden
I give up trying to reach that time! You beat vestappen
Theliox Maand geleden
Give us Behind the Charge: Baku!! Por favor :)
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 Maand geleden
Win Sergio Perez again 🇲🇽 p1
이기훈 Maand geleden
I wanna see perez too
Not Ahuman
Not Ahuman Maand geleden
This guy would be a great f1 driver
Merc is amazing
Merc is amazing Uur geleden
Mein Cressar
Mein Cressar Maand geleden
@YeHorizontal 🤣
Diegoaltmtz2048 Maand geleden
@YeHorizontal oh, ok
YeHorizontal Maand geleden
@Diegoaltmtz2048 it's a joke
Diegoaltmtz2048 Maand geleden
._. But he already is an f1 driver
james pisano
james pisano Maand geleden
I want that simulator!!!
Eddie Yakin
Eddie Yakin Maand geleden
Behind the charge??
Luka Muharemovic
Luka Muharemovic Maand geleden
Max must be so so ANGRY
PDD PDD Maand geleden
Where is the video of checos win? Come on redbull.
inaki Maand geleden
When are we getting more Checo content? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤞🏻
anh tuan
anh tuan Maand geleden
Hi anh Sao anh đua gắt thế😂😂😂
A great username !
A great username ! Maand geleden
Where is behind the charge
Zeroblue89 Maand geleden
al menos aquí no se le revientan los neumáticos xD
James Sarungbam
James Sarungbam Maand geleden
Now show Perez win
Baystaro Maand geleden
Tires did not burst in virtual races
tamoghna das
tamoghna das Maand geleden
when are you guys going to upload the backstory of BAKU ?
Kg Maand geleden
Yeah in virtual racing wheels don't often explode randomly
Tim Ballard
Tim Ballard Maand geleden
Got a 1:39.5 lap time on Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
G4ming ME
G4ming ME Maand geleden
waiting for the alzerbaijan behind the charge
Eddie Yakin
Eddie Yakin Maand geleden
YAMRAAJ Maand geleden
Slipperydjdan Maand geleden
Yes after 4 days I finally beat max with 1:39.8 Ggs to max though it took me over 100 tries
Andrei Popescul
Andrei Popescul Maand geleden
:o nice
Rocio Prego
Rocio Prego Maand geleden
0:07 and max verstappen crash!!! Pum
maggie may
maggie may Maand geleden
How much does the simulator cost?
Zm0n Maand geleden
he is good adept tu world chapions in F1
CRISMEツ GO Maand geleden
tio Utomo
tio Utomo Maand geleden
Come on max you can do it fight for championship this years!! Hold you emotion okay bro.. because emotion can make you fail to win the world champion for the first time .... Gasspoll!! 33
szewei1985 Maand geleden
Haha deng. Shame he crashed out not by his fault. Really lucky Lewis did not score any points.
southpaw Maand geleden
Who was waiting for the left rear tire blowout on the straight?
Mr. Pudding
Mr. Pudding Maand geleden
When this season's over people will look back and say not that the drivers championship was won in Abu Dhabi, but it was lost in Azerbaijan. Be Well Everyone. Have some pudding...
Emily Sharpe
Emily Sharpe Maand geleden
Sad didn’t do that today
Mario Kart
Mario Kart Maand geleden
Ahora si a comer mierda Red Bull Racing Honda gano CHECO #1 🏁
DJDanceClassic Maand geleden
Dude, i just did 1:39:99 !
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS Maand geleden
Congrats Checo at last and Sorry for Max but for us U Still Winner,and Hoping next Race the two of u in the Podium. Congrats Red Bull ,and Honda, Pit Stop and Behind the Team... What a Race!!!Love To see a Positive Podium
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 Maand geleden
Well don to Sergio perez 🇲🇽❤️🇲🇽❤️
Joph Maand geleden
tyre go boom
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc Maand geleden
This years Champ✅
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps Maand geleden
I doubt he would have been close to that time in qualifier...... maybe in Sunday's race depending what happens at the start. You would expect Leclerc, Hamilton, and Verstappen to behave in the first couple of corners because there is no sense in pushing too aggressively until last couple of turns where you can overtake going into the lead and hold position until DRS is activated by lap 2.
Davide Praticò
Davide Praticò Maand geleden
If he made this time in the real circuit, this were be a Incredible pole position
Legilis Maand geleden
Why the low quality
MR. AASN The Antisocial Zeroone
MR. AASN The Antisocial Zeroone Maand geleden
How about give Checo to run one?
M Oliver
M Oliver Maand geleden
F1 - Sainz tells the secret of Ferrari pole in Baku Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 19:24 Carlos Sainz, the “engineer-driver” as he became known at McLaren, gave the lyrics of how Ferrari managed to be so competitive on a track that plays against its UP weaker than Mercedes and Honda. Monaco valued the strengths of the Ferrari, which is excellent in low-speed corners and its ease of climbing over curbs much more smoothly than other cars, thanks to its great suspension. And Monaco doesn't need a strong UP, as there aren't any relevant straights, or even bull curves. Baku is also a street circuit, so Ferrari's strengths still apply, but there is a big difference, specifically a 2.2km stretch from turn 15 to turn 1 standing upright where it really needs the UP. Even so, Ferrari made it work. Sainz was very frustrated at having his Q3 compromised when he crashed after Yuki Tsunoda hit the wall at turn 3. Still, he was in a good enough mood to explain what Ferrari did in setting up the car to go much better than expected. . Sainz said the car's level of mechanical grip is so good, it allowed them to make a low-downforce setting on a circuit where the aerodynamic compromise between sectors 2 and 3 theoretically needs to be made. “We're generating a lot of mechanical grip on low speed corners, mechanics and aerodynamics, and this has allowed us to take the angulation off the rear wing and therefore have less drag on the straights and still be decent on low speed corners,” explained Sainz when asked how the Ferrari did it to mask its weaknesses. “One of our weaknesses is the medium and high speed curves with a long radius, and there is no such thing here. Obviously, we're exploring the car's potential well.” “And it's a very good car to drive, it's giving me confidence. I'm really enjoying guiding him, so obviously I'm disappointed that I couldn't get a bit more out of him considering the circumstances.” The speep trap numbers confirm this, with Ferrari showing up strongly in all of them, although Sainz's mighty 344kph at the finish line can only have come from a fairly significant vacuum. Leclerc was also second fastest in the first and second sectors and, thanks to Hamilton's vacuum on the straight, he was third fastest in the final sector, showing that the car ran well on the lap. Sainz accepted that “you might think we were lying about our expectations here in Baku, but that wasn't the case. The entire team was genuinely surprised that this arrangement worked so well.” “It's important for us to confirm our progress and the team as a whole is in good shape,” said Reds boss Mattia Binotto. “We knew it's a different track than Monaco, we know that in Monaco it's all low speed corners and here you have the part of the track where you have low speed corners, but you have a very, very long stretch in a straight line too. , so we weren't thinking about getting the pole.” “We expected it to be more difficult, but on Friday we saw that our car was doing well with the low downforce package as well. So, after yesterday, we knew we had a chance.” Race pace, of course, is different from lap pace, and riding with the low-downforce rear wing can come at a price on Sunday in terms of how much will be required from the tyres. But in compensation, at the pace of a flying lap, Ferrari was legitimately - and unexpectedly - ​​fast in Baku.
Jackson Barry
Jackson Barry Maand geleden
Why is the castle section way more intimidating in the f1 game than in the live replays?
derek452 Maand geleden
Am so happy we going to go from P3 to P1 tomorrow, can’t wait 😀
Simon Green
Simon Green Maand geleden
Guys, will Cheko be doing a virtual lap too? Hope so. ;) Go win for red bull in Baku, Max or Cheko!
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez Maand geleden
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados ..
Paul Bozek
Paul Bozek Maand geleden
This is good and all...but can he race the AI at 110 difficulty? Then I think we’d see if he’s an actual good sim racer. (Please note the sarcasm cause this man terrifies me...)
Daniel Jiménez
Daniel Jiménez Maand geleden
Where’s Checo?😥
Jonatan Maand geleden
1:50 me after eating a chick out
George T
George T Maand geleden
No offtrack, Jini happy, dasit ...
OUTLAW F1 Maand geleden
Power to the max 🦾😎
Official Akshayghg Gaming
Official Akshayghg Gaming Maand geleden
I would love to see Checo doing this
Stijn Lommers
Stijn Lommers Maand geleden
He looks like he’s a professional racing driver
Prince Ramos
Prince Ramos Maand geleden
this gentleman is soooo good he should be racing F1 cars lol....
Watercooledguy Maand geleden
I did a 01:43.39 That's the best I got for ya.
Samuel Maand geleden
Those downshifts are sooo nice
Ameer Faisal
Ameer Faisal Maand geleden
I counted. He only (visibly) blinked 3 times.
Wade Dwyer
Wade Dwyer Maand geleden
He could probably run 0.3s faster if he removed the Citrix sticker from the rig.
Shaneey Maand geleden
8th Gear wow
Nicholas Hnytka
Nicholas Hnytka Maand geleden
I can do better, but y’know, I don’t have a contract with red bull so...
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma Maand geleden
We wanna see these with Checo as well
Evangelina Torrico
Evangelina Torrico Maand geleden
With checo
Evangelina Torrico
Evangelina Torrico Maand geleden
Already make a video
Stimpy Maand geleden
The ending is kinda cringe ngl
Monish Bafna
Monish Bafna Maand geleden
In reality he is only 2 second slower than the simulator timeing... This Is what we can tell as dedication
Marcel De Vries
Marcel De Vries Maand geleden
Hij kan best wel goed rijden voor een belg.
Rahul Rao
Rahul Rao Maand geleden
2.49 min
Baby Guy
Baby Guy Maand geleden
the best driver in the world 🌎
Lord Bogus
Lord Bogus Maand geleden
Perez would have fitted better as he had better results here but on the other hand Max is a better sim driver
lemon Maand geleden
"Hey, Max, got 2 minutes mate? Come over here, do a lap on this here waste of equipment set up all wrong. Yes, it's F1 2020, we'll give you a barf bag after, just do a lap, will ya?"
the game for fun
the game for fun Maand geleden
Mogens Jørgensen
Mogens Jørgensen Maand geleden
send it
max__V E R S T A P P E N I N G
max__V E R S T A P P E N I N G Maand geleden
Good luck max I hope you win
Suriprofz Maand geleden
Jarno Opmeer alot quicker time: 1:36:02 Verstappen time: 1:40:02
RCmoskat 19 dagen geleden
So? Max is not a sim racer. ik jarno does some racing too but. in the sim the cars are harder to drive
MaxAich Maand geleden
Asetto Corsa is bettet then F1
Benjamin Schoten
Benjamin Schoten Maand geleden
But now the question is: did he use the realistic stats of the redbull car or did he use the setting where every car has the same stats..
Transports Cobra
Transports Cobra Maand geleden
Il y a moyen d avoir ces réglage sur la voiture?? 😬
Asyran Aqid
Asyran Aqid Maand geleden
Can I see Checo on the sim next race?
Liam Maand geleden
he's playing on automatic
Brunoblauthbrasil Maand geleden
Qualidade em 720p??? Eu gosto quando você pilota na câmera externa.
Jeroenties1 Maand geleden
Imagen if F1 teams had acces to F1 2021 haha
Clayton Deguentz
Clayton Deguentz Maand geleden
Watch his right foot. Looks like he is side stepping on every long straight out of habit. Could it be because a secret button in his real car?
lemon Maand geleden
There is absolutely nothing special about what he is doing here, neither the foot sliding nor the lack of blinking. I do the same, he is just repositioning his foot as the heel slides upwards over time or when you floor it. There is absolutely nothing crazy about this. Just a guy doing a lap. All the talent is in the timing, accuracy and precision of steering and pressing the pedals, it's in his brain, there is nothing physically special happening, he doesn't look different doing it than any other driver or sim racer.
2jzandy s
2jzandy s Maand geleden
We want to see Perez do some laps too
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire Maand geleden
Sixten Strandlund
Sixten Strandlund Maand geleden
Nice lap
Astronautical Maand geleden
Is this really only 720p?
STUDIO J.S Maand geleden
silky smooth as usual:)
jose martinez
jose martinez Maand geleden
Este compa tiene el poder!! 💪🇷🇧👋🇲🇽
SRE RAM Maand geleden
Where is the halo?
japrogramer Maand geleden
ok I'll try
Mike Brouwer
Mike Brouwer Maand geleden
The crazy "Max twitch": It's the ankle twitch whenever Max goes in 3rd, knowing he has to send it full speed until 8th gear. Love it.
Ruben Rivelino Castillo Venado
Ruben Rivelino Castillo Venado Maand geleden
Checo should practice on this.
Juan Rangel 78
Juan Rangel 78 Maand geleden
Ya denle a "checo" que nos muestre una pista
Alan M. Reyes
Alan M. Reyes Maand geleden
Virtual lap Sergio Pérez!!!
Pungkoy Maand geleden
damn nice lap he should be an actual f1 driver or something don't waste your talent on video game my guy Kappa
redda2 Maand geleden
Isn't lap record a 1:42. How is a 1:40 realistic?
Ron Baruah
Ron Baruah Maand geleden
That's the race lap record you're seeing. The fastest qualifying time from 2019 1:40.5
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez Maand geleden
I go faster on f1 mobile
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