Behind The Charge with Sergio Perez at Red Bull Racing

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Red Bull Racing Honda

With unrivalled access we take you 'Behind The Charge' and follow Sergio Perez around the Red Bull Racing factory as Checo meets the Team for the very first time!

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Arson Aardvark
Arson Aardvark 5 dagen geleden
I can't believe the campus they have. Holy crap. All this because of an energy drink!
Divyanshu 16 dagen geleden
Bruh Sergio is the Keanu Reeves of F1.
Kshitiz Singh
Kshitiz Singh 17 dagen geleden
Good Guys blessed by God. Certainly it takes test of character by him but it pays in the end if you stay strong. 💯 Blessing 🙏 by hearth. Love you Sergio Perez
GaboGLi GTr
GaboGLi GTr 25 dagen geleden
Soy mexicano pero le va a quedar está muy grande el zapato. A Pérez . Espero para el próximo año Red Bull, se ponga las pilas y contraté a alguien mejor con más ambición y mejor preparado. A este wey le gana el ambre y se apendeja.
Tintan Valdomero
Tintan Valdomero 27 dagen geleden
Todo eso lo ase ese poderoso motor honda vamos checo con todo
jai devkar
jai devkar 28 dagen geleden
Amazing man, so humble. And he wants genuinely to work Hard and prove. love from India 🇮🇳 for F1 and redbull
duckbow 28 dagen geleden
Where is Behind the Charge for Checo's Baku win?
Victor Guzman
Victor Guzman 28 dagen geleden
First Prototype
First Prototype Maand geleden
I like ceko more because of Drive to survive, netflix! Omb! That's interesting haw big is red bull in Milton Keynes,the sad part of this 😢 everything got so expensive just because F1 teams are in this city!
Esther Govea Perez
Esther Govea Perez Maand geleden
Designing car must be so much fun. It would be amazing to have this type of class as a high school choice as well as construction in space. Let's prepare for the future!
no name
no name Maand geleden
he desrves it so much luv this guy wish him only the best
raul caparroso
raul caparroso Maand geleden
Te felicito sergio, eres un orgullo para todos los latinoamericanos...
Lakshya Singh
Lakshya Singh Maand geleden
man i love checko but did he just rip a fart at 10:39
Jithendra Parlapalli
Jithendra Parlapalli Maand geleden
Dog finding a new family 🤣 love from India 🙌
Jay Joshi
Jay Joshi Maand geleden
huge checo fan
Nick G
Nick G Maand geleden
Checo's story is seriously one of the best F1 stories of all time.
timelifeboy Maand geleden
I like this guy really, and he really deserves this seat.
Odhran Kellegher
Odhran Kellegher Maand geleden
Mercedes watching this trying find out what can help them beat the goats of 2021
TUKO Rodríguez
TUKO Rodríguez Maand geleden
Go Checo
KROX MX Maand geleden
Mustakim Rahman
Mustakim Rahman Maand geleden
Lets Get Them🎉 Verstappen and Perez Era Begins
NoTraceOfSense Maand geleden
Anyone here after France?
ach maliki
ach maliki Maand geleden
let's get them
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart Maand geleden
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Haekal Rona
Haekal Rona Maand geleden
if you dont love checo get out👉🚪
Aldo Vicente
Aldo Vicente Maand geleden
Love this guy! He's such a warm, down to earth dude.
TheCheekyChinaman Maand geleden
vamos checo!
E Loredo
E Loredo Maand geleden
At 7:27, after playing with the steering wheel, he cradled it like a baby. It crossed his mind how much that steering wheel was worth 🤣 very careful! We love you Checo.
Harith Humam
Harith Humam Maand geleden
And Max just toss it out at Baku
Shub Sharma
Shub Sharma Maand geleden
I love checooooo!! Just one weird thing, @5:10 why is there an engine cover from Renault?
Liz GVQ Maand geleden
Checo is so cute, like the Mexican people ♥️🇲🇽♥️
Mario Reyes
Mario Reyes Maand geleden
I’m Mexican and it’s hard to describe de excitement to see Sergio rising to the top, not an easy task for any driver, but the best part is knowing what he is capable in the track, driving for Red Bull’s team is going to catapult both, congratulations future champion.
Rizzo Maand geleden
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Maand geleden
The majority of mexicans are not very polite (as the majority of foreigners claim), but when you encounter a truly polite mexican, he can be more humble than anyone else
Jessy Cho
Jessy Cho Maand geleden
Vamos checo!!!! Ya quiero verte en México
Jose Gavilanes
Jose Gavilanes Maand geleden
If I ever get to meet Sergio Perez, 1st thing flying out of mouth is "FELIZ NAVIDAD" LOL
PizaCrusT Maand geleden
2 fav driver
Emma Fernandez
Emma Fernandez Maand geleden
Ole ole ole olee Checooo
Chua Jantzen
Chua Jantzen Maand geleden
Had Red Bull hired experienced drivers instead of clueless rookies from their juniors program, they would have already won several Constructors Championships in the hybrid era.
Lucio Gonzalez
Lucio Gonzalez Maand geleden
El viejo sabroso siuuu
hayyan islam
hayyan islam Maand geleden
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Bryan Rogers
Bryan Rogers Maand geleden
How can you not absolutely love checo and root for him to succeed? Thank you netflix for turning me into one of the worlds biggest checo fans.
jolteon pizza
jolteon pizza Maand geleden
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Ulises Grajales Nava
Ulises Grajales Nava Maand geleden
Red Bull hizo una buena inversión en contratar a Checó.
Artemis Han
Artemis Han Maand geleden
Who’s watching this after Checo’s win in Baku? 🔥🎉
Prdst 25 dagen geleden
Absolutely the best decision RB has ever made. They're gona win this year for sure!
Greg Bajien
Greg Bajien Maand geleden
Watching this after Checo’s win in Baku, his first for the team, and I can say he truly deserves it and he really belongs to the team paired with Max… and RedBull made the right call in hiring him as their driver. Looking forward to seeing Checo score more points and podiums! Vamoss!!
Aline Salazar
Aline Salazar Maand geleden
Ya estará ahí, con su primer carrera ganada ❤️
Rodney Maand geleden
your living up to your goals, ''succesfull seaason'' so far so good. third on the WC bord. i hope at the end of the seaason i see Max at 1 and Sergio at 2, the rest of the order i dont care much for ;)
Fernando C
Fernando C Maand geleden
Checooooooo champion of Bakuuuuuuu
TK A. Maand geleden
I love him! Such a brilliant driver, yet very down to earth and polite. So excited to see him achieve great things in Red Bull.
CreativeCreations Maand geleden
I am from India.. if I will get chance to meet Checo then really it would be great for me... He is so nice and humble...Today He won Baku 2021 and more podium in this year guys .. Redbull will championship in this year for sure ..
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
sort him OUT PAUL!!! NOW
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
confortable isn't the wong word at all.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
They do need to be comfortable to deliver a fast lap time. you're wrong paul monahan lol.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
He's overwhelmed and heing professional as he can be whilst he he has a camera on him.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
It's ok Im going.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Why you trying to make your race drivers uncomfortable?
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
lets go christian horner!!!
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Why is to so Helmet Marko o angry lol
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
nothing close to it no? Phwoah
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
its ok he's getting faster lol, ey man, whare are you doing, its going welll!!!!
Alejandro Velazquez
Alejandro Velazquez Maand geleden
Checo es una persona recia, pero a la vez sencilla
juanitoalvarez 2 maanden geleden
please notify me when any videography jobs are posted!!
Sarang Kale
Sarang Kale 2 maanden geleden
Checo ❤️
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith 2 maanden geleden
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szewei1985 2 maanden geleden
Hope he can help RB wins the constuctor championship. He do not need 2 always win max but just stay closer and finish in tandem in style. 2 previous rookies unable 2 break Max resolve and it must end with Checo being the top dog now.
Edax Sachorwzky
Edax Sachorwzky 2 maanden geleden
Con el checo , abra Toro señores!
Físico Nuclear Cuántico
Físico Nuclear Cuántico 2 maanden geleden
Vamos Checo.
Físico Nuclear Cuántico
Físico Nuclear Cuántico 2 maanden geleden
@Red Bull Racing Honda
Ania Loch
Ania Loch 2 maanden geleden
te amamos Checo, se que vas a lograr mucho en este equipo y les vas a demostrar que eres uno de los mejores pilotos de F1!!
Myung Suk Lee
Myung Suk Lee 2 maanden geleden
I knew RB racing was a huge and massive corporation but damn. This scale of it all is insane. So glad to see Checo signed with them
family party
family party 2 maanden geleden
Christian Horner is a very good person and checo perez to good luck red bull ream
Lossless 3 maanden geleden
I hope checo is a fit for them! Such a great guy!
Lossless 3 maanden geleden
I hope checo is a fit for them! Such a great guy!
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 3 maanden geleden
Sergio perez Red bull 💪
Axics 293
Axics 293 3 maanden geleden
the red bull headquarter is literally a spacestation on ground how tf is it so big
Roman Suarez
Roman Suarez 3 maanden geleden
Vamos seguimos apoyando a Checo a pesar de la carrera de Imola. Let’s go forward “never give up”
Hector Flores
Hector Flores Maand geleden
Aakash Parikh
Aakash Parikh 3 maanden geleden
Just walking around the office..I wish I worked there. @redbull hire me. I am a PM.
Thomas Morrison
Thomas Morrison 3 maanden geleden
Such a humble guy. I think Red Bull made a great decision taking Checo.
F BN 3 maanden geleden
ニューウェイの部屋もガラス張りかよw プライベートはなしか
Yael Sapphire Circle
Yael Sapphire Circle 3 maanden geleden
Tom Cruise!!!!!! Racing now!!???
Toro De Oro
Toro De Oro 3 maanden geleden
I'm so ready for this season let's go Checo and for the marketing team I can't find a hat with Checo's #11 can some one help me. My wife and my self are ready for Austin,TX. 👏👏👍💪
Ernesto Diaz
Ernesto Diaz 3 maanden geleden
Estoy aquí siguendo a checo con todo viejon vamos al 💯
Kevin Lumoindong
Kevin Lumoindong 3 maanden geleden
"Hello Sergio, Welcome to RedBull" - Christian Horner
Dhar Maitri
Dhar Maitri 3 maanden geleden
Who else would do that...walking around saying "Hi, I'm Checo" when they all know who he is. Nobody else. The ultimate nice and polite guy. Good guys finish first, Yey! Vamos Checo!
Ari 3 maanden geleden
Class act. Polite, welcoming, non-assuming, no ego, pure class. Good luck Sergio with the rest of the season.
CHF 92
CHF 92 3 maanden geleden
He is gentleman.
Silvestre Monroy
Silvestre Monroy 3 maanden geleden
Venga checo viva mexico
Googol 3 maanden geleden
Very cool video but ... 8:48 - Koenigsegg One:1
Peter Villa
Peter Villa 3 maanden geleden
“”””” CHECO “”””” you make me start watching F1 racing , I am starting to be a big fan. “”VIVA MEXICO CABRONES””.
jorged06 3 maanden geleden
De muy niño como argentino era fan de Reuteman, ahora como latinoamericano fan total de Checo!!!!!
VICKY SANDHU 3 maanden geleden
Good guys finish first...
aashique ramsee
aashique ramsee 3 maanden geleden
Sweet sweet Checo
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 3 maanden geleden
They did this to Albon too
Jaime Montoya
Jaime Montoya 3 maanden geleden
No te entendí ni verga no sé inglés
Barn Star
Barn Star 3 maanden geleden
Such a likeable guy and a great driver. Excited to see how Red bull get on this season!
logicdeep sound
logicdeep sound 3 maanden geleden
Really happy for you Sergio, you deserve it. Good luck, hopefully petronas will loose this year
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 3 maanden geleden
Omar Z
Omar Z 4 maanden geleden
LasNoches 4 maanden geleden
Sergio was the best choice for Red Bull. Absolutely excited to see him every week now and make it big. As a fellow Latino, I’m super proud of him. I hope to see him race in person one day.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes 4 maanden geleden
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Rick Red
Rick Red 4 maanden geleden
My favorite pilot. Good luck Checo!!!!!
Imthatguybrandon 4 maanden geleden
Cheering for this guy~ !
chikiguites 4 maanden geleden
Me emociona después de Barein, ver a los dos Red Bull, no dejando pasar a los Mercedes! Lo veo clarisimo!
ACEZ CAPTAIN 4 maanden geleden
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M Yohai
M Yohai 4 maanden geleden
Good luck from Amsterdam The Netherlands! I"m sure you and Max will make great team mates!
John Beatty
John Beatty 4 maanden geleden
And now they're going to make their own engines too man
Harald Arz
Harald Arz 4 maanden geleden
this video made me feel as if i was welcomed to red bull. very nice work! i am a fan now :)
kevin galicia
kevin galicia 4 maanden geleden
Se lo merece!!!!
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