Behind The Charge at Silverstone with Sergio Perez

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Red Bull Racing Honda

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Go trackside with Sergio Perez at Silverstone as Checo runs his first laps as a Red Bull Racing Honda driver!

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Arthur Almeida
Arthur Almeida 10 dagen geleden
Gosto de vocês
manfred duran
manfred duran 29 dagen geleden
Queremos más de Checo!!
Fernanda Do Carmo
Fernanda Do Carmo 29 dagen geleden
He’s so humble and grateful. I’m cheering for him, hope he can have an even better season.
Gevy27 Maand geleden
RedBull got the experience they needed. Perez got the machine he wanted and deserved. Well done.
Hecho en México
Hecho en México Maand geleden
No había visto completo el video es excelente!, suerte mi querido Checo y vamos con todo!! 🇦🇹🏁🇲🇽🏁
sandeeep jain
sandeeep jain Maand geleden
checo is Keanu reeves of F1... absolute humble person....
Ang J
Ang J Maand geleden
The new money making for F1 Puma Redbull etc 🇲🇽🔥💪🏽 from Mexico pal mundo
dave dave
dave dave Maand geleden
Naser Alzaben
Naser Alzaben Maand geleden
Can’t wait to see F1 in Jaddeh my home city 🌆
Fernanda Maand geleden
Literally 15sec of this video and I already love this guy
Fernanda Maand geleden
You just need 10sec of the video to love this guy
Manuel Molina
Manuel Molina Maand geleden
Gran remontada en Baku #ChecoGivesYouWings 🏆🏆👏🔥
Sadun Özer
Sadun Özer Maand geleden
This video has aged well so far! Great choice by Red Bull, and you fucking deserve this spot, and with you RB will win a another championship Checo!!!!
Watercooledguy Maand geleden
With Sergio winning at Baku, it puts a lot more pressure on the other drivers that switched teams to improve. I mean Sainz is doing fairly well and Seb got a podium, but Daniel just can't come to grips with the McLaren......I hope that he does because I want to see all the drivers do well with their teams. Congrats to Sergio and Red Bull.
alejandro yop
alejandro yop Maand geleden
Vamos checo🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Kg Maand geleden
Oh well I guess now he's just wining races
Luis Reza
Luis Reza Maand geleden
Damn he’s unbelievably humble and eager to learn! I’ll think of him next time I’m stressed at work and I will certainly smile.
Gilberto Di Piento
Gilberto Di Piento Maand geleden
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
I mean it, don't fuck this up!
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
James Bond villain looking at my comment with disdain.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
If he qualifes on the first row allow him to do as he pleases, you can do team orders later if you must.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Don't do anything special, allow him to go at his own pace.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Checo is going to fuck shit up this season.
O.D.B. Maand geleden
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
this guy needs food.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Not like Tsunoda thankfully
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
I always told you, 10 years later... I kept telling you
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Keep making him feel welcome Christian, you know he needs to fit into the team.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
He's a confident fuckin' hombre!
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
I watched this guy at Sauber in 2011 ten years ago, I am honoured that Checo is here now in a Red Bull seat. Thank you Red Bull guys. Let's to it again next year.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
You are the fucking man Cheo remember that...
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Maand geleden
Believe in him and he will believe in you
sorana mazilu
sorana mazilu Maand geleden
I’m confuse - it somebody knows the answer please respond How is he practicing with the new regs? Or is he using an old car?
Nick Karipidis
Nick Karipidis Maand geleden
Where can I buy this winter jacket?
써리 2 maanden geleden
❤️ CHECO ❤️
Googol 2 maanden geleden
I like Checo ... I mean, I like Gasly too. And Albon. But Checo somehow seems to fit, at least in my eyes. He's an older driverwho is given the chance to drive a potentially WC winning car. He knows this might be his first and last seat that has any meaning. This gives him a level of professionalism and level-headedness that I haven't seen from him before. I have a strong feeling Checo will be Red Bull's long term Bottas.
arinpunk 2 maanden geleden
Horner wearing Alpha Tauri jacket
Marijo Arenas :v
Marijo Arenas :v 2 maanden geleden
Johnny Dixon
Johnny Dixon 2 maanden geleden
My man Sergio been waiting a minute, who’s with me that he’ll win the championship?
omar cañumir
omar cañumir 2 maanden geleden
Deberían subir más videos de los grandes premios así tendrían mas fans, pero más referido a Max y checo
Serj Rmrz
Serj Rmrz 2 maanden geleden
Vengo después de la cagada de hoy...:(
Lossless 3 maanden geleden
Love Checo!
Leonardo Gutiérrez
Leonardo Gutiérrez 3 maanden geleden
10:31 “I still want to have more kids...” un poco de picardía mexicana 😅😂🤣🇲🇽
Antonio Navarro
Antonio Navarro 3 maanden geleden
Vamos por la siguiente Checo, creemos en ti y tu potencial.
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 3 maanden geleden
#NeverGiveUp #FlyCheco... eres el mejor!! con Max son una máquina!!!
haho halika
haho halika 3 maanden geleden
Support Checo -----best driver----
Peter Hulscher
Peter Hulscher 3 maanden geleden
'Not the one from the balls, I still want to have some more kids '
Dhar Maitri
Dhar Maitri 3 maanden geleden
What a nice guy. It's about time Checo is part of a truly winning team.
jose Álvaro
jose Álvaro 3 maanden geleden
Puro padelante checo nos alegra mucho verte en las grandes ligas te deseamos lo mejor y aquí estamos contigo presente México 🇲🇽 está contigo todos nuestro apoyo y buena vibra hay que romper esa pista broo
Blake Strickler
Blake Strickler 3 maanden geleden
I love Checo, such a good dude. I could watch this all day.
Lito 16
Lito 16 3 maanden geleden
💀 👍
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca 3 maanden geleden
Never mind this. Great drive, Checo! 19 overtakes in the first race of the year. Sure, he didn't make it easier on himself with the qualy, but if RBR wants Checo to put pressure on those in the front, they can't give him a car to start in the pitlane in the future, notwithstanding his qualy.
Legendov 3 maanden geleden
I ordered a softshell jacket on the Max Verstappen shop today, the caption said it was a exact replica of the ones the team is wearing. Just checked the shop again to see if Honda was also on the back of the jacket I ordered, but was a bit disappointed to see it wasn't there
Barn Star
Barn Star 3 maanden geleden
Perez is going to score some major points. I feel like he has revitalised Red bull this year!
Edgar Gopar
Edgar Gopar 3 maanden geleden
Vamos checo tu puedes
Mohit Choudhary
Mohit Choudhary 3 maanden geleden
I am super excited for checo this year!
Davy Tolman
Davy Tolman 3 maanden geleden
one of the few times I wish a NLfast video was longer than 13 minutes
Pily RL.
Pily RL. 4 maanden geleden
Greetings Red Bull Racing Team since Mexico :)
Pily RL.
Pily RL. 4 maanden geleden
"Tengo que ir al baño" ... Go Checo!!!
Rick Red
Rick Red 4 maanden geleden
My favorite pilot. Good luck Checo!!!!!
Thom Sherwin
Thom Sherwin 4 maanden geleden
Refreshing to hear a driver that is full of gratitude to be in the RB seat.
MC LOVIN 4 maanden geleden
When a Mexican tells you that he will not disappoint you, friend, he speaks very seriously, with the new performance of Checo in his new car, do not be surprised to see him more often on the podium, Checo is a GOAT
Rey Marnier
Rey Marnier 4 maanden geleden
Vamos Checo , Redbull an even bigger force this year 💪
LiamNotLeum 4 maanden geleden
Didn’t know Stephen Merchant worked along side the Redbull F1 team...
Cristian Javier Castro
Cristian Javier Castro 4 maanden geleden
Amazing video, I wish the best of luck for all the whole team for 2021 season. Maybe will be a fantastic season for Max and Checo.
Roberto Hernández
Roberto Hernández 4 maanden geleden
Eso checo , éxito paisano!!
Avallac'h 4 maanden geleden
Man I'm excited Max and Perez were always my favorite drivers, seeing them in the same team is amazing, hope we have some healthy fighting between them
Tim Cho
Tim Cho 4 maanden geleden
Ham is most likely to win the title again but I can't stop thinking what an amazing story it'd be for Checo to somehow pull through and snag it from him. Can't wait to see how he performs this season.
Sebastian 4 maanden geleden
I started watching drive to survive a few days ago and now I’m done with it and so excited to see checo represent us Mexicans this season !
Chuy Mtz
Chuy Mtz 4 maanden geleden
Ese checo es buena onda. Nada mamon
Ulises Grajales Nava
Ulises Grajales Nava 4 maanden geleden
Mexicanos hay que consumir más Red Bull hay que comprar el casco de Sergio yo si lo quiero está padre el diseño.
Art P.
Art P. 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone know the name of the song at minute 11?
991sublime 4 maanden geleden
Where can we get Perez Red Bull merch?
たましん 4 maanden geleden
Gerbrand 4 maanden geleden
I feel like checo fits in really well !!
Jesse Mururia
Jesse Mururia 4 maanden geleden
Yall donnoooo howw exicited i am to see sergio on red bull with a good car n good team matess yalll justtt donnoo😭😭😭😭 cant wait for this weekend to just reach😱😭❤f1 is back babbyyy woowww
John Bloor
John Bloor 4 maanden geleden
Go go go The Mexican Bull !!!!! ❤
Juan José Barud
Juan José Barud 4 maanden geleden
Great storytelling. Congrats to all the Red Bull Racing Team members!!!
Omar Lozada
Omar Lozada 4 maanden geleden
Red Bull gives you wings but your mexican heart will give you victories, estamos contigo Checo VIVA MÉXICO!!!
George ALmojera
George ALmojera 4 maanden geleden
Love Checo to be in the red bull formula 1 team.
Terence Stone
Terence Stone 4 maanden geleden
cant wait to see checo in the red bull at full chat
Metrofilmer88 4 maanden geleden
Hopefully Marko and Horner won’t mess up his pace as well
Charles M.
Charles M. 4 maanden geleden
Congratulations!!!! You deserve it 👏!!!!
Where’s Waldo
Where’s Waldo 4 maanden geleden
Gash Demet
Gash Demet 4 maanden geleden
So happy for Checo!
Frankis senpai 7w7
Frankis senpai 7w7 4 maanden geleden
Ufff esas thinkpads
Frankis senpai 7w7
Frankis senpai 7w7 4 maanden geleden
Love It!
AF Global
AF Global 4 maanden geleden
This F1 season will be fun.
iAbraham20 4 maanden geleden
4:08 is he Bad Bunny? LOL
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 4 maanden geleden
Everybody is so excited for him coming to redbull. Hopefully many race wins for checo!
Quattro 4
Quattro 4 4 maanden geleden
Mouse user master race.
José Luis Ortega Soto
José Luis Ortega Soto 4 maanden geleden
Que orgullo siento por checho. Buenas vibras para esta temporada. 👏👏🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Craig Reeve
Craig Reeve 4 maanden geleden
A great experience to be apart of. A brand new driver, finding his way into the team. And he is really good. Can't wait for more updates on this story! And he is very humble, that's a rare trait in F1 drivers. He will do this team proud!
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva 4 maanden geleden
expecting big things checo
Turkey living in game
Turkey living in game 4 maanden geleden
Hi red bull racing
darecki607 4 maanden geleden
Sergio: Its hard to ... Christian: yea, yea, yea Sergio: The car is .... Christian: Yea yea yea 😂
Fabian Segura
Fabian Segura 4 maanden geleden
That VTEC tho
Os San
Os San 4 maanden geleden
I haven't seen Checo so happy since the old Force India days
Omar Alejandro
Omar Alejandro 4 maanden geleden
Claire Lucile
Claire Lucile 4 maanden geleden
So glad Checo joined the team! I can’t wait to see them on track!!
Pedro Zuniga
Pedro Zuniga 4 maanden geleden
El man del minuto 4:55 tirandole mala vibra con la mirada pues no esta alex albon en su lugar
Arturo Jimarez
Arturo Jimarez 4 maanden geleden
Good luck Checo this season 🔝🏎️ The best vibes 🤞
Dorian I. S. V.
Dorian I. S. V. 4 maanden geleden
Here just for Checo 🇲🇽
Angelo Mérida perez
Angelo Mérida perez 4 maanden geleden
9:43 CHECO) i need jump up to the toilet now
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