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Ready for the start of the new season? Max Verstappen gets behind the wheel of the RB16 for a lap around the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit on Codemasters' F1 2020 👊

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Batatinha Games
Batatinha Games 20 dagen geleden
*Super Max*
Rönesans Veteriner
Rönesans Veteriner 29 dagen geleden
Traction control and anti lock brakes??
yoo lee
yoo lee 2 maanden geleden
The aromatic australia desirably receive because quince intermittently attack absent a nutty ornament. cuddly, scientific maple
greenhornet 2 maanden geleden
I got a 1:29.60 with a keyboard and no assists. no cap I don't no how but no cap.
alfaalquimista 2 maanden geleden
Eso es trampa Max tiene una visión panorámica, tan solo vean la separación de los ojos ve 180 grados.
Didiasz Didasz
Didiasz Didasz 2 maanden geleden
F1 2021 ? Game
plane runner
plane runner 2 maanden geleden
You can see how the steering wheel says it’s lap 3
Rafalsky Znawca F1
Rafalsky Znawca F1 2 maanden geleden
I tried to beat the max time
CletusNifler 2 maanden geleden
max attacc
Oki_Dingo 2 maanden geleden
Man he down shifts so fast. As well as up shifts earlier then I do. Gotta practice.
Daniel Haavik
Daniel Haavik 2 maanden geleden
That was very good, maybe he will become an F1 driver someday🤔
MusicMaïstro_97 3 maanden geleden
If Lewis sees this, this is how you take turn 4 and not like you filthy driver but all disgusting driver tricks are being pulled out of both sleeves and Max is going to deny and humilate you.
Gabriel 3 maanden geleden
Could someone tell me what is the setup of this simulator please?
CocoPlayX 3 maanden geleden
the app is called f1 mobile racing
Mk6J 3 maanden geleden
I would like to see checo do one of these
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 3 maanden geleden
I want one!! hahaha... :)
Lil Oli
Lil Oli 3 maanden geleden
Pretty funny that he has traction control on xD
Olivier Playz
Olivier Playz 3 maanden geleden
Hi max i an a great fan from you i am a Netherlander
Rehan Noor
Rehan Noor 3 maanden geleden
f1 game is bad
D_Schumacher31 3 maanden geleden
Simply Lovely 🔝❤🤙
Velid Agović
Velid Agović 3 maanden geleden
Formula 1 draws from really small talent pool, because it is really expensive sport. Not taking anything away from current and past champions, nothing but respect to them. But rest assured that there are so many people with greater talents all over the world, never given the chance to come close to a car let alone F1!
Jaeuk Jeon
Jaeuk Jeon 3 maanden geleden
amazing my best lap time is 1:32:3 TT
Granzortv 3 maanden geleden
What model wheel is that
MCG Channel - Mazen Cars Garage Gamer
MCG Channel - Mazen Cars Garage Gamer 3 maanden geleden
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pablo Nazareno
pablo Nazareno 3 maanden geleden
El mejor piloto de los ultimos año!!! Un fuera de serie ☝
James Harden
James Harden 3 maanden geleden
Fabian Rivano
Fabian Rivano 3 maanden geleden
I did 1.6 in f1 2017
King Filsi
King Filsi 3 maanden geleden
Super Max
Matteo Pegoraro
Matteo Pegoraro 3 maanden geleden
My time is 1: 27 . 09
ArmAMajor 3 maanden geleden
Max does not like the F1 arcade game (and I agree with him), but still cool that he has done a lap :)
PLAY FREE 3 maanden geleden
Max no parpadea para nada
Galo 3 maanden geleden
I do a 01.26.32
Sephiroth 3 maanden geleden
He is using a system similar to mine. I am not sure whether that is the DD1 or 2 but it looks great. I was expecting these guys to use the more expensive simulation controlers
ACR195 3 maanden geleden
My record is 1:27.95
Hugo Mendes
Hugo Mendes 3 maanden geleden
If you don't crash at first turn your are already better than Mazepin
Daniel Céspedes Fernández
Daniel Céspedes Fernández 3 maanden geleden
Guys 1:27:234 with checo with the racing point lool 🔥😁
Daniel Céspedes Fernández
Daniel Céspedes Fernández 3 maanden geleden
1:27:071 mate
Dives V
Dives V 3 maanden geleden
are there public leaderboards for this? anyone have a link?
averagezombie1 3 maanden geleden
probably could have gotten a 1:27 even if he took turn 4 a little wider
Maxime Dozier
Maxime Dozier 3 maanden geleden
beatiful turn 4 not like lewis
ömer geneşge
ömer geneşge 3 maanden geleden
İ need to ask something which model is that shoes it looks fantastic
ömer geneşge
ömer geneşge 3 maanden geleden
@Francis Magnusson i am grateful to that bro
Francis Magnusson
Francis Magnusson 3 maanden geleden
puma suede i guess
Albert Chow
Albert Chow 3 maanden geleden
Track limit T4 perfectly managed
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 3 maanden geleden
I like this very much with Max Verstappen using virtual lap on a racing track for Bahrain International Circuit in F1 Thank you for showing fan Red Bull racing.
Bear Josh
Bear Josh 3 maanden geleden
Their doing cockpit cam because onboard cam will show Aston Martin, and their not sponsored by them anymore
naj114 3 maanden geleden
He's not changing gears manually?
Turkey living in game
Turkey living in game 3 maanden geleden
Poll position max
Christian S
Christian S 3 maanden geleden
Max RWE 3 maanden geleden
Danna Mercer
Danna Mercer 3 maanden geleden
1:27:006 Nico Rosberg Formula 1 GamePlay
GRE 29
GRE 29 3 maanden geleden
Certo che ha una freddezza cabbo
Madhu Puchakayala
Madhu Puchakayala 3 maanden geleden
I have to get the car 🚘 off of the car 🚘 for you I don’t think you need me I can have it to get it to the shop
justin j
justin j 3 maanden geleden
jarno opmer is typing
Giovanni Santorsola
Giovanni Santorsola 3 maanden geleden
Very aggressive lap. He makes it look easy
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek 3 maanden geleden
Rens 3 maanden geleden
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 3 maanden geleden
Por isso que ele tava cão na corrida, fica treinando no jogo
nicolas correa
nicolas correa 3 maanden geleden
Ale Molina
Ale Molina 3 maanden geleden
And Perez
amend 3 maanden geleden
1:26.8 so yea
ALVARO TRIGUEROS 3 maanden geleden
I am your best fan
ALVARO TRIGUEROS 3 maanden geleden
I'm going to try to fight you
Real Normalman
Real Normalman 3 maanden geleden
didn't Max say he never liked sim racing
Booyakasha 3 maanden geleden
not max since he was playing lando alot during the first lockdown.....he plays iracing i am sure. i think you are talking about the honey badger ....he called a game for kids.🤣🤣
muhammad afif
muhammad afif 3 maanden geleden
puma suede
Domonkos Csamangó
Domonkos Csamangó 3 maanden geleden
teh bahrain race whas un fer whit Verstappen hamiltol usd the shaking ston at 46 laps max just 14 and max get black flag if hes dont give back the position to hamilton this is cold rubbys nah never mind
Greyflex 3 maanden geleden
Let's admit, he was a little wide at turn 4. 5 sec penalty maybe?
Jj Ss
Jj Ss 3 maanden geleden
10 sec stop and go
Stefa 3 maanden geleden
too slow.....
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin 3 maanden geleden
Now I know how he managed to achieve pole position.
RexGT 91
RexGT 91 3 maanden geleden
1.27 yo lo hago en 1.25
Yoshi Tech
Yoshi Tech 3 maanden geleden
Lap of nordeschielef while Racing against jimmy broadbet
Politycus 3 maanden geleden
Dear Red Bull, Why are you selling drinks that can affect bad on health? You like sport, but I don't think that sportsmans drinks it.
かむかむれもん 3 maanden geleden
HighVoltage 3 maanden geleden
why does he drive without the halo in the sim?
RRC_Danilo 3 maanden geleden
I drove a 1:24,851 with a controller lmao
Bayu Permadi
Bayu Permadi 3 maanden geleden
Like a daddy jos Verstappen
Kepyyy 3 maanden geleden
He's about to scream in laughter at the end lmao, look at him
ignacio jara
ignacio jara 3 maanden geleden
Arthur King
Arthur King 3 maanden geleden
Vestappe future Champion
Val.2.0 3 maanden geleden
I already do it in 1:27,005 :)
yeey 3 maanden geleden
Jeff: it's a bit disappointing, but we can turn it around tomorrow.
Kasper's filmpjes
Kasper's filmpjes 3 maanden geleden
LeTs AiM fOr AnOtHeR tOp 10 FiNiSh Like Jeff, pls stfu
Andi Doci
Andi Doci 3 maanden geleden
Just something I am overthinking/reading into more than necessary. As a response to this video here: nlfast.info/head/r2PctXCVosufcI4/video "I will simplify and clarify for everyone, If anyone is to take the 8th Championship Win from Hamilton, it needs to be CLEARLY Clear and Clean (Hamilton does not have to be Clean and Clear in order to win the 8th), or else the FIA won't side with you. NOT A JOKE! It's a serious message to all the challengers." Please account accordingly. It's kind of contradictory to what I have been saying but not really the team would have to work a little bit harder. It's just that you have to fight the FIA and Mercedes in order to be the clear victor.
Viggo Lutke
Viggo Lutke 3 maanden geleden
Max max max super max max super super
187ninjuh 3 maanden geleden
thanks max, i was only half sending it. now i will fully send it
Bobux_generator!!1!!! !
Bobux_generator!!1!!! ! 3 maanden geleden
Finally a decent wheel*
Mauro 3 maanden geleden
Does the seat simulate motion or is it fixed?
oGo 3 maanden geleden
i did 1.27.4
Soekypanter 3 maanden geleden
Im driving 1.25.5
Meyer MC
Meyer MC 3 maanden geleden
1:27:106 without assistance system and 1.25.376 with assistance system now it's your turn again :D
Meyer MC
Meyer MC 3 maanden geleden
@Theo Ratcliff with the help systems like the system so the tries can not be blocked
Theo Ratcliff
Theo Ratcliff 3 maanden geleden
Wdym assistance system and all Idk what that is
JD - AG 3 maanden geleden
I need that setup🤩
Kristóf Pelsőczi
Kristóf Pelsőczi 3 maanden geleden
He should have to cut the corners as Mercedes did
Gkonfire 3 maanden geleden
I got faster than max I got 1.25
ItsRudyJ 3 maanden geleden
I’m faster then max hahha
filipe poleze
filipe poleze 3 maanden geleden
Casper de Boer
Casper de Boer 3 maanden geleden
Where is the halo?
Homero Camporredeondo
Homero Camporredeondo 3 maanden geleden
Hola, pueden poner a Sergio Pérez en video asiendo los mismos es un ídolo compi
Devinツ 4 maanden geleden
W P 4 maanden geleden
Location: Red Bull Erena lol
Phantom096 4 maanden geleden
Where is the Checo merchandise RB?? can’t find it anywhere.
michalis tampouratzis
michalis tampouratzis 4 maanden geleden
Please Red Bull Racing Honda consider to put an eye tracker an this!!!!!
el mesas
el mesas 4 maanden geleden
Why he can press full throttle without spinning so early?
David Antonio
David Antonio 4 maanden geleden
Max I am faster then u by 2 seconds ;)
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