Follow Cam 🎥 David Coulthard Laps Silverstone In The RB7

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13 dagen geleden

Turn up the volume and enjoy! David Coulthard gets into the RB7 for a lap around Silverstone ahead of the British Grand Prix. Watch DC take our championship-winning car out of the pits and down the hangar straight from a truly unique angle!

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MaybeCream ??
MaybeCream ?? 4 uur geleden
wow this game so realistic this is f1 2021 right? the emmm third person camera?
ReXzo Dag geleden
Cant wait for Behind The Charge for the British GP
Fexs Dag geleden
sounds Like a Pagani Zonda R Lol
Ray 832
Ray 832 Dag geleden
Man! Nothing against modern F1 but this what an F1 car sound like
Diana Peña
Diana Peña 3 dagen geleden
Edward John Daniel II
Edward John Daniel II 4 dagen geleden
This v8 power unit is too annoying
Felix 4 dagen geleden
that v8 is singing
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 5 dagen geleden
Hi Marko, will you be bringing lawyers back to F1 racing and proving that you won each championship since Coulthard. Hi Christian Horner, big fan of you too after Silverstone
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 5 dagen geleden
Will Crashstappen be the longest in F1 history to win a world championship and end up being like marko, Horner and Jos?
DAN NNY 5 dagen geleden
Lost all respect for this team. The amount of B.S that's come from Spice boy and Mr Burns is not what we want to see in F1, especially from a team that as a driver that's the most aggressive driver since Schumacher, the amount of people Max as taken out is ridiculous. WEAK TEAM
machinniiaec 6 dagen geleden
This camera angle is insane
Nino Esteves
Nino Esteves 6 dagen geleden
It's impossible for Hamilton to suddenly find more than a second faster than Charles after his pit stop on older tyres. Why didn't Bottas's car have that pace after his pit stop on the same tires. Or did Mercedes once again only upgrade Hamiltons car Where was that extra pace of more than a second before the pit stop, where was that extra second in the sprint race. Something doesn't add up and it puts a stink on F1. How do you openly allow a team to cheat to win a home race at all cost. Causing accidents then humiliating not only your competitors but your own team mate by underhanded play.
ssaajjkkoo 6 dagen geleden
What a f🤬ing sound! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 6 dagen geleden
alt title:Lewis Hamilton simulator gameplay
6 dagen geleden
Is max ok? 👉👈😔 I worry about him
Daniel Hambleton
Daniel Hambleton 7 dagen geleden
That wasn’t a lap, only half a lap from the old pit lane
martini668 7 dagen geleden
Look out for a Mercedes!
H 7 dagen geleden
Red bull so saulty they need a lawyer 😂 0 points at Silverstone 👍😂
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 6 dagen geleden
keep crying you Hamilton crybaby fanboy
Felix Hinze
Felix Hinze 7 dagen geleden
Red Bull where not playing to Checko's strengths this weekend, which is taking care of the tires, going long, then being strong at the end of the race! He had the tires to do so, but being stuck in DRS-trains, caused his strategists to crumble and call him in early! I am sure Checko could've been flying once the guys ahead of him pitted... Go 10-15 laps longer, then pit for fresh tires and be in a much better position, tire-wise, than those around him. I believe he could've been at least 6th or 7th after starting from the pit-lane, that's if RB had stuck to their pre-race strategy plan for him.
Leonardo GV
Leonardo GV 7 dagen geleden
OMG 😁👌🏻
Shankhodeep Mondal
Shankhodeep Mondal 7 dagen geleden
Renault was on the rear wing of this car as far as I can remember
Rick Representações e Histórias
Rick Representações e Histórias 7 dagen geleden
Max will have to learn to deal with Hamilton's bad loser, finishing second would be good enough to win the championship, there are still many races to go Max needs to keep an advantage and escape Lewis' traps, he took Max and still Got lucky.
Koshmo 8 dagen geleden
F1 2022 game😂 looks hella lit!!!!
Hff Vfft
Hff Vfft 8 dagen geleden
Albino right??
Esteban Glez
Esteban Glez 8 dagen geleden
you can see there, the ideal line to take Copse...
Footwork 8 dagen geleden
Sound brought to you by Renault (not Honda).
Eduardo Cid
Eduardo Cid 8 dagen geleden
Daniel Noori
Daniel Noori 8 dagen geleden
Leonel Corrêa
Leonel Corrêa 8 dagen geleden
Oh, listen to those downshifts... Music!
Alejandro Posada Toledo
Alejandro Posada Toledo 9 dagen geleden
Hamilton knew what he was doing: In case of any doubt...
Brendon Leigh
Brendon Leigh 9 dagen geleden
GTA 6 looks fire 🔥
Jardier 9 dagen geleden
All 3rd person gamers are like : YEAAAH BOI
bhaveshan kamiah
bhaveshan kamiah 9 dagen geleden
NewEra 9 dagen geleden
Remember kids: if your opponent is faster than you, aim with your carbon fiber wing into his rear tire, works every time. Marshall's call this trick "racing accident", cops call this "pit maneuver" you will be fine. Your opponent not so much but who cares - Lewis Hamilton
The Realist Says
The Realist Says 9 dagen geleden
The Stewards ruled that Lewis caused the collision and gave him a 10 sec penalty, as they had ALL the telemetry and camera angles etc to make that decision! Many [independent] others felt that it was a racing incident including... Charles Leclerc who was immediately behind Lewis. Crofty, Martin Brundle, Jenson Button and Damon Hill commentating. Otmar Szafnaurer Aston Martin Team Principle on the pitwall. Karun Chandhok Sky Sports Analyst whose review on the sky pad was definitive. Jolyon Palmer whose F1 analytics are respected across the board. Mercedes' Toto Wolff noted that "It takes 2 to tango" suggesting that both drivers could have given more space to the other and therefore it was a racing incident. However, Red Bull' Christian Horner and Helmut Marko were furious and made several unfounded allegations that F1 and the F.I.A should investigate for 'Bringing the Sport into Disrepute'. 1. Christian Horner alleged that Lewis Hamilton committed a 'Professional Foul' against Max Verstappen, meaning that Lewis intentionally crashed into Max. 2. Helmut Marko alleged intentional dangerous and reckless driving against Lewis and demanded that he be suspended. Whilst it is understandable that Red bull would be upset that their driver had crashed heavily, fortunately Max has been cleared by the hospital, it is wholly unacceptable to accuse a professional F1 driver and 7-time WDC, whose record is unblemished, of purposely causing a 180mph crash with his title rival. There may even be grounds for a 'Defamation of Character' lawsuit against Red bull as these allegations have been widely published. Worse, based on the many comments featuring threats of violence against Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton that are being made by the lunatic fringe on NLfast and across social media for the F1 GP @ Zandvoort, Red Bull may be deemed liable for incitement to violence from their insidious allegations. F1 and the F.I.A could also be liable should any incident of violence take place against any F1 Team and therefore Red Bull should be held accountable for their actions and security should be enhanced for the upcoming GPs.
jon3voltas 7 dagen geleden
Red Bull Racing and their fans are the Karens of F1.
Noe López
Noe López 9 dagen geleden
coulthard redbull 2022
Matteo Tavernelli
Matteo Tavernelli 9 dagen geleden
despues me cuenta como fue el hospital 😂😂😂😂😂
Srmisterioz 10 dagen geleden
Wow thats awesome.
It's FatBoyMike
It's FatBoyMike 10 dagen geleden
Has Red Bull or any other F1 team designed a car with a dimpled body surface or with striated grooves that run the length of the car's body? One of America's Cup teams used a grooved hull to reduce cavitation and less drag, allowing the boat to move faster thru the water. Might work for F1 cars too? Anyone?
Imron Bagaskara
Imron Bagaskara 10 dagen geleden
How to bring the camera?
Dogan Doganay
Dogan Doganay 10 dagen geleden
Pretty interesting where the video ends... A couple of days later, RB's destination was dramatic at the same spot after this video. s(ham)e!
Matteo Milanesi
Matteo Milanesi 10 dagen geleden
Pay attention to Lewis, he is right back
Chef Ryan Gark
Chef Ryan Gark 10 dagen geleden
Love this camera angle! More of that please😃
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 10 dagen geleden
A merc s behind lol
Wa We
Wa We 10 dagen geleden
good work,and thx for david
Shirtless Banana
Shirtless Banana 10 dagen geleden
“Whoah how can they do th- oh the shadow.”
Rick Representações e Histórias
Rick Representações e Histórias 10 dagen geleden
Max will have to learn to deal with Hamilton's bad loser, today a second place would be good enough to win such a long championship, he took Max out and still did well.
BoneYard 10 dagen geleden
I don't have twitter so sending my thoughts to Max and the team. I turned the race off when LH passed Leclerc... I've not done that in 22 years of watching F1. Should have been disqualified and a one race ban. Max is a machine, he will come back stronger from this, like Mika in 95 and Michael in 99. Looking forward to seeing Max V3.0
ブランドーディオ 10 dagen geleden
_hmmm RB7 on a honda livery... goddammit red bull learn to know your history_
David David
David David 10 dagen geleden
I know even before the race started that hamilton is going to crash into verstappen's car. He know that he can't win aganist verstappen Today. Yesterday we saw that he was not able to catch verstappen. FIA, mercedes, hamilton and bottas are involved in that pre planned crash. That perez is again useless. If he qualified in the top four this incident won't happen. Teach them a lesson with their own taste.
Javier Navarro
Javier Navarro 10 dagen geleden
Red Bull Upgrades Checo Perez's Car To Battle Mercedes Andale Halcon Helmut
Luciano Manoel
Luciano Manoel 10 dagen geleden
Enzo Pereira
Enzo Pereira 11 dagen geleden
Im Glad Max is ok
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 11 dagen geleden
That Honda engine roaring...maaaannnn
Sky 86
Sky 86 11 dagen geleden
Redbull I have an idea.. the next race just ask Perez to take Hamurderer out to secure champion
William Go
William Go 11 dagen geleden
To all the people that uses chase cam on f1 2021
Arthur Oliveira
Arthur Oliveira 11 dagen geleden
Super Max super super max
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS 11 dagen geleden
Hoping Max is okey...
Robin 11 dagen geleden
I miss those sounds, gah. :(
YerHighnezz 11 dagen geleden
It's labeled Honda, but inside is a Renault.
Aleksandr KaЮdin
Aleksandr KaЮdin 11 dagen geleden
DC my favorite pilot for all time!
Paul 11 dagen geleden
When they bring back the sound I’ll watch again…
Muhammad Baqi Ismail
Muhammad Baqi Ismail 11 dagen geleden
Oh my V8!
Gideao Dos santos prado
Gideao Dos santos prado 11 dagen geleden
Sanam Dhillon
Sanam Dhillon 11 dagen geleden
When The VTec Kicks In Boyzzz
Gabriel 12 dagen geleden
Ahhh the noise... amazing...
Keitaro Tajiri
Keitaro Tajiri 12 dagen geleden
kiran kulkarni
kiran kulkarni 12 dagen geleden
Kudos to the driver behind David , not only matching pace also HOLDING CAMERA 😂
M Crowl
M Crowl 12 dagen geleden
Keep more videos like this coming. Get one with the turbo hybrid car. No hope for my current Honda to sound like any of those engines but I sure wish it did.
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 6 dagen geleden
slæp a fart can exhaust and your car will sound as loud as f1 car
sk4tec 12 dagen geleden
Who dislikes this?? 🙈
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 6 dagen geleden
crybaby Hamilton fanboys disliked this
Die Katafalk
Die Katafalk 12 dagen geleden
I could watch this for hours
Vibo Vistan
Vibo Vistan 12 dagen geleden
Change it to cockpit view for realism😂
Mariusz Durał
Mariusz Durał 12 dagen geleden
you can actually feel the speed of that red bull on the straights just by watching it, DC good man
dorasoh447 12 dagen geleden
GT1956 12 dagen geleden
you can't believe all that meets the eye
Gagan Chaudhary
Gagan Chaudhary 12 dagen geleden
Wow always dreamed of this cam view ❣
Greuliro 12 dagen geleden
thats only half a lap, he left from the old pits
Pratik Chaudhary
Pratik Chaudhary 12 dagen geleden
The camera guy should be an F1 racer
Max Evers
Max Evers 12 dagen geleden
New title: pov Lewis hamilton silverstone
Gantha J
Gantha J 12 dagen geleden
usain bolt coming for the sprint qualy
shashank panickker
shashank panickker 12 dagen geleden
Camera man is faster that Usain Bolt. Dayum 300 kmh is...
The weekend Predator
The weekend Predator 12 dagen geleden
Ahh the v8 scream though 🤙
Andre737 12 dagen geleden
I want this camera during race
G Jantschke
G Jantschke 12 dagen geleden
Must be kinda an awkward situation to have Honda all over the ccar and the engine not being a Honda.
Henk Janssen
Henk Janssen 12 dagen geleden
Honda with the Renault V8.
Abhinav 12 dagen geleden
oh, man! The sound is simply scary!
이조필립알프레드 12 dagen geleden
F1 Car: Reaches up to 300KPH Cameraman: Hold my Beer, I'm gonna run at 300KPH too.
weeddegree 12 dagen geleden
Miss that noise
Riyon Hazarika
Riyon Hazarika 12 dagen geleden
This is what F1 2077 will look like.
Shinobi 12 dagen geleden
Thank you Red Bull for always making great content with your cars
Saifuddin Azrain
Saifuddin Azrain 12 dagen geleden
Is that vtec 😂😂 1:12
Alpha Delta Los Martinez TECH.
Alpha Delta Los Martinez TECH. 12 dagen geleden
games do come true
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 12 dagen geleden
Bro poor camera man, held up by DC all the time!
Stephen Bachman
Stephen Bachman 12 dagen geleden
Why is it always DC who does Red Bull promotional stuff in a F1 car. Let Mark Webber drive for a change sick of DC this an DC that.
Racer Girl
Racer Girl 12 dagen geleden
I want v8’s and v10’s back.
FELPYZX.1P 12 dagen geleden
look at this snoring 😳😳❤️
AndyHack 12 dagen geleden
Proper F1 car and exits the pits on the old and much better start/finish. I wish we had those cars back and the -2009 Silverstone.
Viper 12 dagen geleden
Follow cam, this is how console players play their F1 game.😂
Viper 11 dagen geleden
@Bop Dude, you missed the joke. I was joking that console players using follow cam and PC players using cockpit or just over Halo view.🤦‍♂️ You must be so boring being around with.
Bop 12 dagen geleden
Codemasters f1 games are comparable to forza horizon in terms of realism, if you have a superiority complex for using first person view then you’re probably extremely unpleasant to be around
Frias campos Henry
Frias campos Henry 12 dagen geleden
Giancarlo Gimang
Giancarlo Gimang 12 dagen geleden
Gosh I miss that v8 sound.
Rhodri How
Rhodri How 12 dagen geleden
Of course it’s a Renault V8 So much better a sound
joshua chipling
joshua chipling 12 dagen geleden
Wow that really highlights the clean, dirty air phenomenon. Top video cheers
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