Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Win DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

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Red Bull Racing Honda

7 maanden geleden

The best in the business. 𝙁𝙪𝙡𝙡 𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙥. 🛑 Congratulations to the fastest pit crew in the world, winners of the 2020 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award 🏆👏

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Ad Acta
Ad Acta 2 maanden geleden
Meanwhile: Mercedes struggles for 40 seconds for one tire at Monaco
lennard_ games
lennard_ games 2 maanden geleden
Mercedes win win win Red Bull fastest pitstop
Elia Peri
Elia Peri 5 maanden geleden
red bull's pit stop are slower than ferrari car
Mzdshii 5 maanden geleden
the red bull family .. I admire your passion wish you all the best
Zaki Basuki
Zaki Basuki 6 maanden geleden
Aston Mastin is making great F1 engine. Cough cough
Pranav Gaur
Pranav Gaur 6 maanden geleden
I've always wanted to be a f1 driver unfortunately I didn't had the knowledge or anyone to guide me to follow my dream. Also lack of financial resources added to it. Even though I think I possess the skill my dream has shattered. I wish I knew all about formula 1 a little earlier.
Vansh Nilesh Mhatre
Vansh Nilesh Mhatre 6 maanden geleden
I Think They Give Red Bull To Their Wheel Guns So They Get The Extra Pace.😁😂
Dixie&Dandi 6 maanden geleden
New: Take away the Aston Martin cause its 2021
NACS Music
NACS Music 6 maanden geleden
Its still named Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva 7 maanden geleden
It is a nice job.
KK Playz
KK Playz 7 maanden geleden
When your car comes for a tyre change
Nirjhar Biswas
Nirjhar Biswas 7 maanden geleden
By the end of the video they would have done 30 pits if they were to be done simultaneously
prep0wer 7 maanden geleden
last RB victory
FLAME 7 maanden geleden
Lets goooo
Yes 7 maanden geleden
Monaco 2016
AmirIBR07 7 maanden geleden
I wanna be a pit crew member when i grow up (im now 13) (live in Holland)
Phantom096 7 maanden geleden
Good Luck SP!!!! 👏👏👏👏🎉🎉 Sauber C31
Gel Mir
Gel Mir 7 maanden geleden
Honda and Aston Martin left. Can Red Bull Racing still maintain it's current technical competitiveness?
NIVEL DEOS 7 maanden geleden
Checo Pérez 👏🍾👑
someonesomewhere 7 maanden geleden
Im seriously getting more and more disappoimted about this team....first they treath Gasly like shit and now Albon, realy a shame that Verstappen is racing for this team.....
Francisco Raul Ramirez
Francisco Raul Ramirez 7 maanden geleden
Gracias por fichar a Checo. Lo los va a desepcionar. Trabajen para que Ceco y Máx hagan un gran equipo y sean invencibles Vienen cosas grandes para red bull
Zycoliptic 7 maanden geleden
Meanwhile Mercedes has the pit stop time of NASCAR
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 7 maanden geleden
Mario Kart
Mario Kart 7 maanden geleden
Congratulation Red Bull Racing .
Mario Kart
Mario Kart 7 maanden geleden
Viva. . ! SP 🏁
Francesco Longo
Francesco Longo 7 maanden geleden
Alex 23 😞😞
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 7 maanden geleden
ferrari fans watching this if only we couldachieve this once
facu quetal
facu quetal 7 maanden geleden
Y checo?..
Cool 7 maanden geleden
Mercedes Benz: you can have your pit stop, we have DAS, and the fastest car we could even win if we had a 5 second pit stop.
Uzair Allie
Uzair Allie 7 maanden geleden
Redbull pls sign Perez for next season we need a consistent driver who can perform week in week out and score points to bring the fight to Mercedes
Legacy Da1790
Legacy Da1790 7 maanden geleden
Perez is at red bull racing for next year
Jeff Jang
Jeff Jang 7 maanden geleden A 6-Year-Old Cart Whiz Kid Came Back as a REAL RACER
Fútbol de Hoy
Fútbol de Hoy 7 maanden geleden
Checo Pérez, the greatest driver AND sponsor. Announce now.
iZamyy 7 maanden geleden
Sorry Red Bull Racing, but i just broke your record virtually with time 1.785
Santos Vega
Santos Vega 7 maanden geleden
$adFm 7 maanden geleden
Жесть, они крутые.
zalama 7 maanden geleden
Like si vienes del video de apha tauri a ver si ya anuncian a checo
WHUFC 7 maanden geleden
Best pit crew
Javi Roba Vaca
Javi Roba Vaca 7 maanden geleden
none ur business
none ur business 7 maanden geleden
Confused why they didn't show the actual 1.82 second pit and only a pit training video.
Gustavo Bonelli
Gustavo Bonelli 7 maanden geleden
I support Red Bull and I really hoped the video would be about the fastest f1 car in the world and most reliable. Because I really wanna see 4 more years of Red Bull dominance
Cooper Levin
Cooper Levin 7 maanden geleden
You guys need to get russle if Mercedes won't take him
SergenteGX & co.
SergenteGX & co. 7 maanden geleden
We want a seat for Chéco and i don't mean the Ibiza
rikkierikkie 7 maanden geleden
Red Bull has made it so that i'm disappointed when the pitstop is longer then 2 seconds. The pitcrew definately deserve a pay raise.
MasterSandman 7 maanden geleden
I think you can safely bet they're not only the hardest training pitcrew in the business, they're also already the highest payed pitcrew in the business!
Luca 7 maanden geleden
This video is as long as a ferrari pit stop
Mmako56 7 maanden geleden
Guido from Cars would be proud of you guys
Siclon3 7 maanden geleden
I hope Albon gets a seat in Red Bull next year
nickname87 7 maanden geleden
Redbull need new great pilot, only Verstappen albon is terrible, George russell is great pilot
teardama 7 maanden geleden
They're on redbull, what do you expect?
Chris.P.Bacon 7 maanden geleden
Aziz Hussein Z
Aziz Hussein Z 7 maanden geleden
58 sec is equal to 32 pit stop
Fabian Kramer
Fabian Kramer 7 maanden geleden
Mercedes pitwall: did you see that? Mercedes pitcrew: (50 seconds later) wait what?
Michael B.
Michael B. 7 maanden geleden
Mercedes Germany 2019 pit stop took longer than the entirety of this video.
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 7 maanden geleden
I can't believe the second fastest is Williams. They don't even need fast pitstop
Sbong 7 maanden geleden
So perez coming in this week ye?
Dhairya Oza
Dhairya Oza 7 maanden geleden
Its time for aston to say by bye
Marco Russo
Marco Russo 7 maanden geleden
Dear youtube, if I could give one like for each of the pit crew, that'd be great. Impressing me since watching f1 man :D
Peter Humfrey
Peter Humfrey 7 maanden geleden
In the time this video takes to play they'd have done 32 of those record pitstops
Fútbol de Hoy
Fútbol de Hoy 7 maanden geleden
Checo Pérez Is coming on.... In 3,2,1.......
Fútbol de Hoy
Fútbol de Hoy 7 maanden geleden
Checo Pérez Is the answer
james pisano
james pisano 7 maanden geleden
The amount of work and teamwork that must go into that is just unbelievable. Very cool. Amazing.
jackson schmitt
jackson schmitt 7 maanden geleden
No matter what team you root for it's hard not to be impressed with the red bull pit crew every single Sunday.
Anbu Selvan
Anbu Selvan 7 maanden geleden
RB is just that forklift from the cars movie
Caelan -
Caelan - 7 maanden geleden
Must be all the free red bulls in the paddock
Gary Quirk
Gary Quirk 7 maanden geleden
I love watching Red Bull's pit crew stops!!!
Axel Arrés
Axel Arrés 7 maanden geleden
Redbulls Pit Crew: Uhh we did a 2 sec pit stop, that was bad! Meredes pit crew: 😳 Ferrari's pit crew: 😳
Shreya Patra
Shreya Patra 7 maanden geleden
Ferrari's *
Elizaveta Savchenko
Elizaveta Savchenko 7 maanden geleden
Red Bull mechanics are the best! Every pit stop is perfect, and it really makes me feel proud of them
Kyle Laxton
Kyle Laxton 7 maanden geleden
So proud to support this team. Charge On boys.❤🔥🔥🔥
nettur39 7 maanden geleden
its red bullshit with how fast these guys are. congrats on this little side championship
James 7 maanden geleden
Rbr hsa the best pit and engineering crew as the pitstops and the emergency repairs they managed to get prove
KHANZA SYADZA AL-UZMA 7 maanden geleden
Red Bull, the drink gives them adrenaline 😁
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly 7 maanden geleden
Gonna miss that AM-RB graphic
sean gimena
sean gimena 7 maanden geleden
Teacher: Light is the fastest thing in the universe RB pit crew: hold my tire gun
Javier Yeo
Javier Yeo 7 maanden geleden
Guido: Ah un degno avversario, la nostra battaglia sarà leggendaria! (English translation: ah a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!)
Duncan I
Duncan I 7 maanden geleden
Good luck today boys, keep your heads cool when Mercedes tries to corner you with the strategy.
Gullepomp 7 maanden geleden
You don't train for perfection, you train to solve the problems.
Ramakrishnan N Rajalakshmi
Ramakrishnan N Rajalakshmi 7 maanden geleden
Redbull never fails the racer in a pit stop
Saphi 7 maanden geleden
despite how great of an achievement this was the editing in the video gave me a headache. so many angles and cuts and not once weve seen an example pitstop done by the crew...really?
Keir Gallacher
Keir Gallacher 7 maanden geleden
Uploading this before a race ... brave ...very brave
Helder Costa
Helder Costa 7 maanden geleden
I would like Red Bull to publish if a video with this year's double positions, pole positions (already has one this year) is not bad, when does Red Bull not win a constructors and drivers title? I don't remember, a good race for Abu Dhabi.
Fariz Rm
Fariz Rm 7 maanden geleden
I want see alex crew.. Why always max crew your exposed...
Rockomax 7 maanden geleden
@Fariz Rm maybe if Alex won a race!? Also what you mean never gets exposed? Wasn't he on the podium when Ricciardo won in China?
Fariz Rm
Fariz Rm 7 maanden geleden
@Rockomax no...chris gent numner 1 mech for albon never get exposed...
Rockomax 7 maanden geleden
It's the same people doing pit stops for both drivers 🤣
Miguel Diogo
Miguel Diogo 7 maanden geleden
Max: Where are the tires? Oh they're already here
Miguel Diogo
Miguel Diogo 7 maanden geleden
The last time I was this early, red bull haven't done the pitstop yet
Waxre 7 maanden geleden
Pit Stop Speedrun, any% (WR)
Issy Beats
Issy Beats 7 maanden geleden
Ced rull bit prew
Alicia García Alonso
Alicia García Alonso 7 maanden geleden
Viva Red Bull
Pix l Gamer Fr
Pix l Gamer Fr 7 maanden geleden
Red Bull : 1.82 Other teams : We are looking, understood...
Miguel Diogo
Miguel Diogo 7 maanden geleden
we are looking, slow pit on
Coco Monkey
Coco Monkey 7 maanden geleden
That's only ferrari
chase malton
chase malton 7 maanden geleden
There's still a race left?
Mihir Raddi
Mihir Raddi 7 maanden geleden
but the season isnt even over yet
Erin Chacko
Erin Chacko 7 maanden geleden
Fun Fact:Drive to survive didn’t use red bull’s pit stops for their intros cause it was too fast
PigeonsFlys 7 maanden geleden
Lim Joon How
Lim Joon How 7 maanden geleden
Mark Cotterill
Mark Cotterill 7 maanden geleden
Did they interview Verstappen while he was in the toilet?
BLANK GAMING 7 maanden geleden
When I saw this crew, I knew there is something SPECIAL about themselves.
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 7 maanden geleden
Cool 😎 👍 👍
yan 7 maanden geleden
Hohner : How fast can you change all the tires? Pit Crew: Yes
crazybeartimba 7 maanden geleden
They pit faster than I can let my own farts out.
WassapDude94 7 maanden geleden
Bro fr
Zak Rahman
Zak Rahman 7 maanden geleden
Lol 😂
Roy 7 maanden geleden
I'm surprised this video is 58 seconds long
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 7 maanden geleden
That is impressive greenflag do the same in 6 hours 😝
Xeakpress 7 maanden geleden
Like say what you want theres NO ONE as Hungry as the Redbull bois. They look for everything and anything they can to push them over the edge. Not as pretty and well cut as the factory teams but somehow this mingling of brands and identity havent stopped them from hanging with the best
DS 7 maanden geleden
let the video be played in normal speed ..This is not a fancy show that you need to extrampulate your look
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS 7 maanden geleden
Im one of Big Fan of Max and Red Bull Put Stop Team, Honda(we change our car into honsa. Go Guys.... Theres Nothing Impossible for podium,if work together as a TEAM
artyparis 7 maanden geleden
This is how they change their drivers ? How many times a season ?
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