Say Hello To The RB16B | Unveiling Our 2021 Car

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Red Bull Racing Honda

5 maanden geleden

And now for the B-Side! Meet the RB16B 🤘

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MaybeCream ??
MaybeCream ?? 5 uur geleden
Alternate title : Say Hello To The GP2 Engine
Jonathan irakoze
Jonathan irakoze 17 dagen geleden
I will win the lottery
haa1se Maand geleden
I came from future to say that this is the car who brought to Red Bull their 5th constructor title and 1st title of Max Verstappen
RAIJIN Maand geleden
Now I can admit this words: “The car now is really a work of art”. It fits perfectly :)
Tang Kian Siong
Tang Kian Siong Maand geleden
Nice Honda Wing
tio Utomo
tio Utomo Maand geleden
Honda hybrid new era
Jashwin Reddy
Jashwin Reddy Maand geleden
wait so did aston martin pull out of red bull racing this year from being their technical partner?
陳至楷 3 maanden geleden
mein gott
Legend Libya
Legend Libya 3 maanden geleden
Here After First Pole Position in the season opening of F1 2021 for Redbull since 2013 by Max Verstappen & The Redbull-Honda Rb16b
Finders Keepers Entertainment
Finders Keepers Entertainment 4 maanden geleden
No change necessary. Clean, precise, and perfect as it is.
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi 4 maanden geleden
DANY 5 4 maanden geleden
Oh Yes same car but with more honda logo.
aola wili
aola wili 4 maanden geleden
Vamos checo mucha suerte Vamos México y..RED BULL Este año logramos el campeonato de constructores
陳智翔 5 maanden geleden
And good bye HONDA
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 5 maanden geleden
Vamos checo mucha suerte Vamos México y..RED BULL Este año logramos el campeonato de constructores
The GR.1gaming
The GR.1gaming 5 maanden geleden
I love the song
aola wili
aola wili 4 maanden geleden
Hmmm yes. The car is made of car.
miko foin
miko foin 5 maanden geleden
Love the big Honda logo on the rear wing!
Yiannis Hayabusa
Yiannis Hayabusa 5 maanden geleden
Wooooooow Magic Amazing Fantastic Exelent Magical The Best Ever 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
gowri sankar
gowri sankar 5 maanden geleden
I am waiting to see that beast on the tracks🔥🔥🔥🔥
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 5 maanden geleden
Is it just me or i cant spot checo’s sponosers very well
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 maanden geleden
Loving the HONDA rear wing
Zimbelmann92 5 maanden geleden
The car is Beautiful
miko foin
miko foin 5 maanden geleden
Let's go Checo!
Saro_25 5 maanden geleden
Same old red bull i mean no one was expecting a big change
Style0 5 maanden geleden
daaaaamn thats a hot looking car
giorgos.gp08 5 maanden geleden
The day Red Bull makes the livery completely different, i will quit Formula 1.
SQWADコークスクリュー 5 maanden geleden
ollp 5 maanden geleden
this video is from 2016?
ابو اياد
ابو اياد 5 maanden geleden
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luiz guilherme moreira sales
luiz guilherme moreira sales 5 maanden geleden
Muneiro Valibas
Muneiro Valibas 5 maanden geleden
Perez Vs Verstappen has to be the most exciting part of Season 2021!
juice 5 maanden geleden
Albert McNuggets
Albert McNuggets 5 maanden geleden
Hmmm yes. The car is made of car.
David Baughman
David Baughman 5 maanden geleden
The best thing happening for Red Bull isn't the look of their cars, but having two aggressive drivers.
Rudra Gupta
Rudra Gupta 5 maanden geleden
Is it just me or i cant spot checo’s sponosers very well
ZD- Psycho
ZD- Psycho 5 maanden geleden
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 5 maanden geleden
Let's go Checo!
Ian Goldsworthy
Ian Goldsworthy 5 maanden geleden
Cloak and dagger stuff isn't it?
Alexandrine Stephanus
Alexandrine Stephanus 5 maanden geleden
Which year is this. 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020 or 2021
_Phoen_ 5 maanden geleden
lets wipe the Aston Martin Logo off and call it a day
GANESH S 5 maanden geleden
we need official wallpapers please
Kulson 5 maanden geleden
It's the same since 'jesus was born' what change did you guys expected?
Aswin Joyce
Aswin Joyce 5 maanden geleden
Same livery but one of the sexiest color combos on the grid
chris hamilton
chris hamilton 5 maanden geleden
Go Checo, Go!
GameLegend-NL 5 maanden geleden
You guys better bring back the sck testing livery. I know red bull is a brand and all that, but this is getting realy boring now. Just do someting with it. Even the "silver arrows" changed to black with a sck livery.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 5 maanden geleden
NASA seems to have influenced the name choosing
asriel dreemur
asriel dreemur 5 maanden geleden
Ctrl±c and ctrl±v saame
Joshuar Kohl
Joshuar Kohl 5 maanden geleden
Red Bull have at every season the nicest car style i love this so much
𝗰𝗮𝗿 5 maanden geleden
i thought this was the new nissan engine
M Projects
M Projects 5 maanden geleden
Honestly, I’m not a fan of Honda
FIX MAD 5 maanden geleden
I'm with Checo Perez. I'm with RedBull ... We'll get podiums and a lot of points, I'm sure of that.
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 5 maanden geleden
Wow, I just can't believe it, they will be entering as their own engine manufacturer, and they'll supply two teams, they own two teams, they are simply crucial to the sport, like them or hate them, 3 of the best drivers came from the RB Academy with more in the pipeline
Now Loading
Now Loading 5 maanden geleden
I really love big "HONDA" logo in rear wing!
Elizabeth Del castillo
Elizabeth Del castillo 5 maanden geleden
What engine is in this car tho? Did they say Honda’s gone in 2021?
imy123 5 maanden geleden
Henry M
Henry M 5 maanden geleden
The sidepods are smoother than the 16A. So there's that.
marcoat82 5 maanden geleden
beaaaaauuuuuutifuuuuuul. Great work Red Bull Racing Team!! Cheering you form México!!!
Gustavo loera
Gustavo loera 5 maanden geleden
Hasta escalofríos da de la emoción.. desde hace muchos años no esperaba con tantas ganas el inicio de una temporada como hoy. Vamos Sergio "checo" Pérez!!
Richard Gore
Richard Gore 5 maanden geleden
0:31 Honda rear wing. Final stage of the fight for pride. Let's do this. HONDA!
Hyper Fish
Hyper Fish 5 maanden geleden
Hello RB16B
Hugo pando
Hugo pando 5 maanden geleden
Checo con todo💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👍👍👍👍
Juan Viveros
Juan Viveros 5 maanden geleden
Mucho éxito CHECO!!! Ya esperamos que llegue el GP de México!!!
Stone 5 maanden geleden
F1 2020 career mode be like
José Carlos
José Carlos 5 maanden geleden
S. Perez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LordSeth1000 5 maanden geleden
so lazy
Simon ze digger
Simon ze digger 5 maanden geleden
Tbh I expected a copy and paste i dont expect something suprising like the Alfa romeo car we saw yesterday
Zxxcnn 5 maanden geleden
John Pearson
John Pearson 5 maanden geleden
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Protocol Racing
Protocol Racing 5 maanden geleden
guess the arts department got let off during covid
MrCillibom 5 maanden geleden
Stupid video were ist the car??? I
PixelStacker 5 maanden geleden
The HONDA on the rear wing in white looks good. But thats it agreed!
Alexis Tapia
Alexis Tapia 5 maanden geleden
Vamos checo
Shea Man
Shea Man 5 maanden geleden
Majzoobi official Best media channel must be visit BEST media channel 👍👍👍👍
Bingus Worshipper
Bingus Worshipper 5 maanden geleden
WOW! THAT LOOKS ... exactly the same as before. Imagine a world where Red bull learns they can change how the car looks.
Arnaud Standley
Arnaud Standley 5 maanden geleden
DOWNFORCE for the win!!!!!!!! Fly for the victory Red Bull!!!! We are behind you!
Alien Predator
Alien Predator 5 maanden geleden
Matheus Goulart
Matheus Goulart 5 maanden geleden
Hey, fellas at Red Bull Racing, I have an idea: Why not, bear with me, when you do the car launch thingy... Actually SHOW THE BLOODY CAR?
Tenacious _E
Tenacious _E 5 maanden geleden
So your not gonna show us the 2021 car.
pg 5 maanden geleden
Max Verstappen for the win!
Parzival 5 maanden geleden
Where can I purchase one?
Sonia Krisiana
Sonia Krisiana 5 maanden geleden
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Benetton 5 maanden geleden
182 Alexander Albons disliked this
Eliseo Ramos
Eliseo Ramos 5 maanden geleden
Kamil Gołębiowski
Kamil Gołębiowski 5 maanden geleden
what's the background music?
Noobmaster69isonvacation 5 maanden geleden
i dunno but its the same music as in the conor mcgregor bt sport promo
Edmond Cristian Razmerita
Edmond Cristian Razmerita 5 maanden geleden
I know some like the Honda logo on the rear wing, but to be honest, I miss the Aston Martin logo in the back. Oh well...
ELAINE ECKARDT 5 maanden geleden
Toby Reinhardt
Toby Reinhardt 5 maanden geleden
Michael B
Michael B 5 maanden geleden
same car for the last 5 years, done
Tiago Figueiredo
Tiago Figueiredo 5 maanden geleden
It is completely different and if you don´t see it you ain´t no true fan boy XD
O.R.M 5 maanden geleden
Vamos checo si se puede
High Beam Sunrise
High Beam Sunrise 5 maanden geleden
they really did make a racecar.
Stefan Kirchsteiger
Stefan Kirchsteiger 5 maanden geleden
Daniel Ordonez
Daniel Ordonez 5 maanden geleden
Well... If it ain't broke then don't fix it
Mikołaj Jakubowski
Mikołaj Jakubowski 5 maanden geleden
feels good
Srikanth Subramani
Srikanth Subramani 5 maanden geleden
Omg this car is so creative and amazing definitely the best car livery on the grid :) Who expected a change?
Alejandro Reyes Leon
Alejandro Reyes Leon 5 maanden geleden
Checo dile a Carlos Slim que su internet no jala chido 😔 jajajaja Que orgullo ver ese auto 🇲🇽vamos checo 🤘
petiertje M
petiertje M 5 maanden geleden
basically the same livery, well, makes it easier to recognize the winning car this season I'd say ;) Go kick some ... you know what's... out there RBR :)
manuel pech17
manuel pech17 5 maanden geleden
Hermosooooo❤❤❤ y es el que conducirá mi checo perez ❤💚🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 viva mexicoooo!!!!
R700 5 maanden geleden
you can use this livery another thousand years I don't mind, I love it and I'll love it
toni m.
toni m. 5 maanden geleden
0:24 this was the exact same moment when Mercedes started planning the W14. Change my mind
Emmett Benck
Emmett Benck 5 maanden geleden
It's, it's, it's the same fucking car every year
nithin ps
nithin ps 5 maanden geleden
I know Alex albon will be watching this with a heavy heart
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