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We're back at one of the most iconic race tracks on the Formula 1 calendar. Can you beat Max Verstappen's 1:10 .85 around Circuit de Monaco on Codemasters' F1 2020? 👊🇲🇨

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Elio Cádiz
Elio Cádiz 4 dagen geleden
Either he has calibrated the throttle to be gentle or he has traction on medium. If I hit my throttle that hard my car spins. My best time is 01:11 ish with no assist.
Marco N.
Marco N. 7 dagen geleden
That was awesome! Max is a great driver!
Efe Banoğlu
Efe Banoğlu Maand geleden
Easy I did a 1.07.909
Mario pulido
Mario pulido Maand geleden
Theme Song on The Video?
Valentín Morales el Macho
Valentín Morales el Macho Maand geleden
Cuántos grados tiene el volante? How many degrees is the steering wheel?
Matt Maand geleden
In real life wouldn't he be looking more straight ahead rather than up?
Davi Pereira
Davi Pereira Maand geleden
Red bull please hire me, i did 1: 09,236
szewei1985 Maand geleden
Haha cool
Y Z Maand geleden
Monaco track is freaking brutal
Josef Angeria
Josef Angeria Maand geleden
and this actual time. 1:10.576 😁
Avijit Ghosh
Avijit Ghosh Maand geleden
i don't know you guys see my post or not........still i have a suggestion for maxs strategist just keep countering lewis .......... whatever lewis does in the race just defend that.......im absolutely sure if max just beat lewis he will b world champ.........goodluck
Marcos Rojas
Marcos Rojas Maand geleden
I did send it, 1'10.3 i did
Wa We
Wa We 2 maanden geleden
i am 1.13.028 very slow
Lyze Gaming
Lyze Gaming 2 maanden geleden
The gap now and last year is -1,292
Uche Oji
Uche Oji 2 maanden geleden
Max knows what a crash feels like, so those walls are more real for him.
KRIS· 2 maanden geleden
Can we get Perez to do the next Virtual Lap?
Travis B
Travis B 2 maanden geleden
I hate Monaco in F1 2020. Pain in the ass race.
Sephiroth5200 2 maanden geleden
If that was my racing rig, instead of my $100 TMX wheel clipped to a table, I think I could finally get under 1:13.000.
basurofobo 2 maanden geleden
This guy is good, he should drive a F1 car…
Salucas12 2 maanden geleden
He already drive a f1 car
カズ機長 2 maanden geleden
At the hairpin and the Rascasse Max's accelerating work resembled Senna's foot and reminded him. I was impressed by all Max's actions !!!
Mrformulaone 2 maanden geleden
face though 1:22
F1 FAN 2 maanden geleden
Faster nearly 2 seconds max you sucks 😂 (jk jk max fans)
W12 2 maanden geleden
Why didn't he drove Imola at Virtual? I wish him drive in Imola.
szewei1985 Maand geleden
It will be inside F1 2021 including the cancelled turkish GP and singapore GP hahahaha
Salucas12 2 maanden geleden
Because there is not imola in f1 2020
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 2 maanden geleden
When will we get Checo to do these?
Steinstra 1961
Steinstra 1961 2 maanden geleden
And then he won the Monaco GP 2021 AND is the rank leader.
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 maanden geleden
I will try to follow the same turns, maybe I will manage to have a few seconds of gaps
Itsjul1an 2 maanden geleden
Well i did an 1:10.3 in monaco on f1 2018 yesterday lol
Itsjul1an 2 maanden geleden
@Salucas12 if i would rn i’d probably set a 1:30 or so
Itsjul1an 2 maanden geleden
@Salucas12 well without assists should be faster once u’r used to it lol
Itsjul1an 2 maanden geleden
@Salucas12 yeah actually full traction control
Salucas12 2 maanden geleden
@Julian Python i don't use assist and my record is 1:19.1(I know it's bad)
Julian Python
Julian Python 2 maanden geleden
@Salucas12 traction control on medium only
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 2 maanden geleden
Well done Red bull p1 👊💪
G.M.R TV 2 maanden geleden
sam.lovejoy 2 maanden geleden
I FUCKING DID IT I DID A 1:10.587!!!!!!
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 maanden geleden
I gave it a go today! No Assists 1.11.239 best I could do :D
MERAX 2 maanden geleden
Congrats to Max for winning the Monaco GP!!
Jam Malicdem
Jam Malicdem 2 maanden geleden
He hits the barrier i think at the corner 4?
Mariano Barros
Mariano Barros 2 maanden geleden
Ex World Récord ;)
yeti 2 maanden geleden
In Game: 1:10:851, during qualification: 1:10.576 :)
G K 2 maanden geleden
It would be more entertaining for all the F1 drivers to set a time in the same simulator and car so we can rate them all.
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 2 maanden geleden
A second faster or so than his quali this year, damn that is impressive.
Felipe Velasquez
Felipe Velasquez 2 maanden geleden
just 2 blinks: one entering the tunnel and one leaving the tunnel.
W12 2 maanden geleden
wtf, but lec is faster.
Æ 2 maanden geleden
Burak C.
Burak C. 2 maanden geleden
0:25, hits the barrier. He is a talented driver, the game is not good enough (I also have the game).
minracing 17
minracing 17 2 maanden geleden
Me :1.11.856
Rohan Malhotra
Rohan Malhotra 2 maanden geleden
I got 1:10:065
Alessandro Spiezia
Alessandro Spiezia 2 maanden geleden
Charles leclerc on pole
Wiseoldm6n -
Wiseoldm6n - 2 maanden geleden
I gave it a go today! No Assists 1.11.239 best I could do :D
Wiseoldm6n -
Wiseoldm6n - 2 maanden geleden
@Rohan Malhotra Good job👍
Rohan Malhotra
Rohan Malhotra 2 maanden geleden
Dude a 1:10:065 is easy with no assist , go on
Andi Doci
Andi Doci 2 maanden geleden
I watched the qualifying and it's end in Monaco many times over and I am always concluding with a question, Is "The Clan" back in business? Lookout!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 maanden geleden
I will try to follow the same turns, maybe I will manage to have a few seconds of gaps
gap arocha
gap arocha 2 maanden geleden
Wow man not errors👏
Matt Wix
Matt Wix 2 maanden geleden
🗣️ nOw ItS yOuR tUrN tO fUlLy SeNd It
Satvik Konda
Satvik Konda 2 maanden geleden
Bruh, he hit the wall once 0:25
Андрей Воробей
Андрей Воробей 2 maanden geleden
Feels good,feels very good
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 maanden geleden
Xavi 2 maanden geleden
I mean he even broke his irl record.. damn
Felix Schwarz
Felix Schwarz 2 maanden geleden
What for a set up he uses ?
Racing Discipline
Racing Discipline 2 maanden geleden
"He cut the chicane"
KianSoCool 2 maanden geleden
HEAVY HITTERS 2 maanden geleden
I’ve been sim racing more than 10 years and tried my hot lap again on F1 2020 using the same fanatic podium wheel. The best time was 1:10.99(after 23 laps) I’m so satisfied!!! Now I can officially say I’m Verstappen level(in a game..)
FireWorX_ 2 maanden geleden
jarno opmeer go brrrr with 1:06.978
Nick Wassenaar
Nick Wassenaar 2 maanden geleden
@citrix is like a Mazepin of F1 - never works and always in the way
The Jevi
The Jevi 2 maanden geleden
This guy's doesn't blink until the straight in the tunnel where he blinks twice only. Wow!!!
imdabous1 2 maanden geleden
Don't worry, I'll fully send it... Into the barrier...
Daniel Ching
Daniel Ching 2 maanden geleden
I can fully send it if you send me that steering wheel xD
Sebastian Soto
Sebastian Soto 2 maanden geleden
too late red bull arrava already beat it lol
William the Conqueror
William the Conqueror 2 maanden geleden
For those of you who disliked this video, you need to walk your dumbasses right into oncoming traffic.
Diego Herrada
Diego Herrada 2 maanden geleden
No pestañea jaja
Juan Carlos Bravo
Juan Carlos Bravo 2 maanden geleden
Esteban Salazar
Esteban Salazar 2 maanden geleden
Not even a blink, hence: nlfast.info/head/lWWqppK0kbtpgII/video
Jorge Alexander Gutierrez Güiza
Jorge Alexander Gutierrez Güiza 2 maanden geleden
Incredible How he does not even blink
RevoltWinD 2 maanden geleden
Rosberg did a 1:17 for his hotlap 👀
Erik Rikkem
Erik Rikkem 2 maanden geleden
Daaaumm, that focus. And this is "just for fun"
Gergő Nagy
Gergő Nagy 2 maanden geleden
Max you are the best formula 1 pilot!!!🥰👊👊💪
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 maanden geleden
He tries to aim almost all the apex clearly🔥🔥
BennyBenjy 2 maanden geleden
fuckin scary
Kristian Bonev
Kristian Bonev 2 maanden geleden
1:10:822 BONF :)
Tintin Meyer
Tintin Meyer 2 maanden geleden
What setup did he use?
SaberZoid 2 maanden geleden
Anyone else notice that he was using automatic gearbox?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 maanden geleden
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados .
Bluup_ 2 maanden geleden
Aravind Sreedharan
Aravind Sreedharan 2 maanden geleden
This guy drives well ! He needs to be in F1.
personz 2 maanden geleden
Me with full assists: “bet”
matlab 2 maanden geleden
Tris M2906
Tris M2906 2 maanden geleden
Did a 1:09.800 in FP1
Bharat Bhatia
Bharat Bhatia 2 maanden geleden
1 min 10 damn . Quali should be good to see
Putra Dharma
Putra Dharma 2 maanden geleden
1:10s with a default setup is incredible,and he's not using the esports racing line,the car's front end handles like a shitbox.I got myself 1:10.099 with a pad
Zaki Khurshid
Zaki Khurshid 2 maanden geleden
I read all these comments praising max, but to be fair this is just an ordinary lap on this game. Don't get me wrong, max is a great driver and also one of my favorites. The reason why he doesn't do well on this game is probably because he doesn't play this game and focuses more on iRacing when he is not racing in real life.
C M 2 maanden geleden
Max I should see you on pole position
mark butler
mark butler 2 maanden geleden
i would love to know his car set up!
Formula One Memes
Formula One Memes 2 maanden geleden
Great lap, I hope you win the qualification and the race (but I'm still faster 01:10:81)
Life of Julio
Life of Julio 2 maanden geleden
Max you crashed at 0:25 and after the tunnel on your turn to left then right .....that is a point ding if it was the F1 game with strict rules on
IRLGenesis 2 maanden geleden
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 2 maanden geleden
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados .
Magdaleno Herrera Sergio Ivan
Magdaleno Herrera Sergio Ivan 2 maanden geleden
Last film Checo Pérez
zambroata 2 maanden geleden
Man vs Wall
Not A Fans
Not A Fans 2 maanden geleden
Driver 21
Driver 21 2 maanden geleden
Why are they using F1 2020 game why not give us footage of actual simulator that drivers use?
Simon ze digger
Simon ze digger 2 maanden geleden
i have a feeling he has some assist on for some reason
Nigel Willems
Nigel Willems 2 maanden geleden
I promise you to fully send it. If i can get that sick ass setup you use.
Peter Hurst
Peter Hurst 2 maanden geleden
Max only blinked twice , both times in the tunnel !
Sebastian Mencia
Sebastian Mencia 2 maanden geleden
Porque no lo hace Checo también?
Pedro Lacerda
Pedro Lacerda 2 maanden geleden
1:10 does not look that hard in the RedBull in this game. I think my record in the 2019 game is a 1:08,9, I don't know what it would be in a RedBull but 1:10 looks possible.
Niklas B.
Niklas B. 2 maanden geleden
Max blinks 2 times in the whole lap! keep these eyes on the track.
Guitar Heaven
Guitar Heaven 2 maanden geleden
YEES managed to beat that time on the game, nice
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