Max Verstappen Tests RB16B At Bahrain International Circuit

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Red Bull Racing Honda

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Ahead of the first Grand Prix of the 2021 Formula 1 season, get a first taste of the RB16B being put through its paces, as Max Verstappen sets a fast lap during pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit.

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Sebuh Honarchian
Sebuh Honarchian Maand geleden
What rpm you think he's getting up too?
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek Maand geleden
Awesome car 👍👍👊👊💪
M Oliver
M Oliver 3 maanden geleden
hangm4n 3 maanden geleden
The lack of content online compared to a team like McLaren is a little disappointing. You can do better, Red Bull.
MARK ATTILA PETER 3 maanden geleden
Max is best
Mariah Mikaela Louise Salvador
Mariah Mikaela Louise Salvador 4 maanden geleden
very tight.
James Lee
James Lee 4 maanden geleden
RedBull plus Honda is a dream team in terms of engineering. Theee best!!!!!!!!!
F1 Virgin Racing
F1 Virgin Racing 4 maanden geleden
Have you guys notice that the redbull's halo has the oracle sponser?
Jose Utate
Jose Utate 4 maanden geleden
Burly Bantha
Burly Bantha 4 maanden geleden
To be honest, i chose Red Bull as my team solely cause of their Honda power unit. I also learned what a power unit is today. GO BULLS
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 maanden geleden
I would like to thank Red bull for showing Max Verstappen for the testing of RB 16 B at the international Circuit in F1 good lucky to them at the weekend race.
KianSoCool 4 maanden geleden
mikey380sx 4 maanden geleden
lol I got an ad for the AMG GT Pro before this video. Conspiracies
vegadanial 4 maanden geleden
i really wish .. man, but mercs always have tricks up its sleeve.
Костромской гонщик
Костромской гонщик 4 maanden geleden
Max come on, we believe that you will become a champion this season!!! We believe in you and in RED BULL!!!
Michel Jaime
Michel Jaime 4 maanden geleden
Perfect Lap!!!!
southpaw 4 maanden geleden
That 2022 Honda engine is purring
Carter Mauldin
Carter Mauldin 4 maanden geleden
The gear box sounds cool.
nogardsiete 4 maanden geleden
Pity it sounds like a rc toy
F1ファンの人 4 maanden geleden
Mustafa Akbulut
Mustafa Akbulut 4 maanden geleden
This sound so good
Aravind sharma
Aravind sharma 4 maanden geleden
Mode push. Mode push. Strat 5️⃣.
Santos Vega
Santos Vega 4 maanden geleden
Please do that, please give me hope
bitkarek 4 maanden geleden
nice honda sound... would this fit in my Civic?
Jolanda Schnitzler
Jolanda Schnitzler 4 maanden geleden
We are reddy for Max come on
MultiPoseur 4 maanden geleden
WALMART is an F1 sponsor now?
lee m
lee m 4 maanden geleden
Sounds like he's entering hyper space. Let's see a different season with new winners
Javi Mz3
Javi Mz3 4 maanden geleden
Just noticed the Walmart branding on the sides , im a liddo surprised lol
W4RH4Z3 - Gfunk & West Coast Playlist's
W4RH4Z3 - Gfunk & West Coast Playlist's 4 maanden geleden
Guys check the Circuit with Maps or Earth, theres is a hidden alb-onion spot
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 4 maanden geleden
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💙
Nuvola Giuliani
Nuvola Giuliani 4 maanden geleden
𝙿𝚞𝚜𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚎𝚗𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚘𝚙𝚎..... 𝚁𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚍..... 𝙼𝙰𝙳𝙼𝙰𝚇𝟹𝟹
Morgan Honnock
Morgan Honnock 4 maanden geleden
Please max please win us the title this year
jan novak
jan novak 4 maanden geleden
Honda best
WiFi Cable
WiFi Cable 4 maanden geleden
That car looks like it's on rails!
GranYo1 4 maanden geleden
Wow! Exiting engine!
Risky Gustiawan
Risky Gustiawan 4 maanden geleden
Honda power
Patrick Diersen
Patrick Diersen 4 maanden geleden
Jouni Airplane Video's
Jouni Airplane Video's 4 maanden geleden
I hope that this Honda engine has 1100HP. That would be awesome in combination with Adrians incredible Aero skills. zet hem op Max!!!!!
Paulo Alves
Paulo Alves 4 maanden geleden
The sound is always a good half second late..
Red Special
Red Special 4 maanden geleden
I just realised that the RB16B actually has B16B in it, which is the Honda Type R engine that powered the Ek9 Type R. Coincidence? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jordan W
Jordan W 4 maanden geleden
I’m sorry but the car is great but let’s compare the sound of the engine to the onboard from Brazil.
Jack TheCat
Jack TheCat 4 maanden geleden
F! now motorcycles with four wheels...
DG 4 maanden geleden
On the straight I was expecting the mercedes to fly past with the Drs closed.
FrontSideBus 4 maanden geleden
When the engine is only sightly more noisy than the gearbox!
sylvian blade
sylvian blade 4 maanden geleden
The engine sounds so smooth compared to last year especially at the low RPMs
Shaneey 4 maanden geleden
Max finished the lap faster than the youtube took to Render the video upload haha
rwc194 4 maanden geleden
uma pena parece que mudou barulho do motor honda, era o mais bonito de todos ! agora parece ser da alphatauri
El Rincón de Rubén
El Rincón de Rubén 4 maanden geleden
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 4 maanden geleden
Poor Jack- he didn’t deserve the stress
martijnskanaal 4 maanden geleden
Hoping to see the same car lap on saturday evening on the f1 channel
Damien Kordz
Damien Kordz 4 maanden geleden
Go hard Red Bull !!!!💪😃
jerome mahodya
jerome mahodya 4 maanden geleden
20 dislikes from Mexicans😂
Jérôme B
Jérôme B 4 maanden geleden
Shame they moved the onboard microphone for the exhaust to the engine... Now it sound bland compared to last year... :(
Hepdy 4 maanden geleden
honda engine for hard work driver, mercedez engine for enjoy driver.
Ted L
Ted L 4 maanden geleden
John Sheppard
John Sheppard 4 maanden geleden
It’s only wednesday and i am already excited....😬
trazvy12 4 maanden geleden
When are we getting the Perez merch? Season is starting and it's still not on offer.
Allunaattori 610
Allunaattori 610 4 maanden geleden
This happens when honda gets thier shit together
pro fahrer
pro fahrer 4 maanden geleden
Goooo Maaaaxxxx!!!! Gooo Bullss wins at first race,this is our season👍🎆👑🙆‍♂️ Let's Go!
Alan N
Alan N 4 maanden geleden
This could be the year 👍
PaPA TheCat
PaPA TheCat 4 maanden geleden
all i hear is nyooooooooooom
Sugandh Saxena
Sugandh Saxena 4 maanden geleden
He should win this chamionship, tired of seeing Hamilton win again again again mostly beacause he has the best car and again he also deserves it and make sure to make the like 3311
Sugandh Saxena
Sugandh Saxena 24 dagen geleden
Guys! Remove the 44 likes to 3311😉
aplexay Maand geleden
him and alonso would have something to talk about, young Alonso stealing the crown from Schumacher, now young Verstappen stealing it from Hamilton
Amish Chalikonda
Amish Chalikonda 4 maanden geleden
@Michael Airley I was thinking about that sorry
Michael Airley
Michael Airley 4 maanden geleden
@Amish Chalikonda It was a joke. Relax. Just taking the piss of our current climate.
Amish Chalikonda
Amish Chalikonda 4 maanden geleden
@Michael Airley what???
Eliseo Juárez
Eliseo Juárez 4 maanden geleden
By the way...the steering wheel looks running swift and smoothly
justin Vervoort
justin Vervoort 4 maanden geleden
Redbullllllllllll yea
Αναστασιος Λυκοπουλος
Αναστασιος Λυκοπουλος 4 maanden geleden
Sarath Guttikonda
Sarath Guttikonda 4 maanden geleden
Waiting for Max and Checo to unleash Since daniel and max , Seb and Mark "Not bad for no.2 "Webber This will the phase where both are on🔥🔥
시 - 바 ᄅ
시 - 바 ᄅ 4 maanden geleden
여기에서 내가 유일한 한국인이다
Hex 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone know how to brake during that turn sharpens into another turn? Im not sure what the proper way to do so is whether it's light braking followed by a hard brake or just going slower during the turn. I know hard braking mid turn will slide the rear. Any advice is welcome many thanks
Band of Rökkr
Band of Rökkr 4 maanden geleden
Max Verstappen making F1 great again
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS 4 maanden geleden
GO FOR 1 and 2nd Podium Max and Checo and also Pitstop Guys faster than last year....Hoping all of u Guys...All of ur Fans behind ur back.... Good day everyone!!!
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 4 maanden geleden
MadMax world champion 2021! 💪😎🤘🏆
AJ_2255 4 maanden geleden
Supa Max
Squirrely Bird
Squirrely Bird 4 maanden geleden
He backed off before the line, he knows it's fast
Squirrely Bird
Squirrely Bird 4 maanden geleden
If Max is sandbagging 3-4 tenths, Merc are in trouble this year. Maybe Newey finally figured the car out
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins 4 maanden geleden
Saw this too. Sandbags confirmed
Eliseo Juárez
Eliseo Juárez 4 maanden geleden
Our Boys are ready !!! Bring it on !!! Vamos Checo !!! Vamos Max !!!
Travis B
Travis B 4 maanden geleden
Let's go boys! Redbull 1-2 this weekend!
DOSdaze 4 maanden geleden
Looks planted in all the right places. Turning in confidently, getting on the throttle early... really loving what I'm seeing 👍
G G 4 maanden geleden
This has been the longest week ever lol
John Patrick Lim
John Patrick Lim 4 maanden geleden
would love to see a type r or nsx red bull special
Victor Hugo Guzman Barrientos
Victor Hugo Guzman Barrientos 4 maanden geleden
A fondo en Octava
NRX gaming UK
NRX gaming UK 4 maanden geleden
I am sure this year redbull might win the world championship My expection for world champion 1 max 2 pirre gasly 3 lewis
Alex Yates
Alex Yates 4 maanden geleden
Legend Libya
Legend Libya 4 maanden geleden
Let's go RedbullRacingHonda 🔥
Sam Castevens
Sam Castevens 4 maanden geleden
It's so strange seeing Walmart on a F1 car. Walmart-Haas F1 Team 2023? lol
hellusw 4 maanden geleden
i nearly pissed my pants watching that, what a speed and that perfection
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 4 maanden geleden
Se nota descafeinado! it looks decaffeinated
윤동희 4 maanden geleden
Red Bull 1-2 this weekend!!!
196833lwl 4 maanden geleden
Engine sounds like a winning car !
Jean-Paul Valentim
Jean-Paul Valentim 4 maanden geleden
Can anyone explain what the high pitched frequency is that winds up as Max accelerates?
Guus Lombarts
Guus Lombarts 4 maanden geleden
I believe it’s the straight cut gearbox
Kristian Kersting
Kristian Kersting 4 maanden geleden
All I hear is turbo whistle
Andi Doci
Andi Doci 4 maanden geleden
The 28th can't come fast enough! The performance looked 10/10 and sounds great.
Gedeon 64
Gedeon 64 4 maanden geleden
Un favor alguien puede decirme en que canal ver la carrera y a que ora soy de yucatan México??
Pregação Cura Interior 2019
Pregação Cura Interior 2019 4 maanden geleden
go max!!!!!
Thomas Dusek
Thomas Dusek 4 maanden geleden
Alles Gute und viel Erfolg für die Kommende F1-Saison 2021!💯💪👍 RED BULL RACING Nummer 1.
IRVING GUTIERREZ 4 maanden geleden
que rápido es Max
Bv5000 Greatest
Bv5000 Greatest 4 maanden geleden
That's a fast second place car 🚗
Luis Fernando Medina
Luis Fernando Medina 4 maanden geleden
They are going champions this year. Listen to me
Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 4 maanden geleden
Last year the car was like a wild horse... This year max and the car are one...
Al Rodriguez
Al Rodriguez 4 maanden geleden
I'm hoping for a 1-2 this weekend 🤞
Oscar 4 maanden geleden
Lets go redbull and checoooo!!!
Raunaq Singh
Raunaq Singh 4 maanden geleden
Downshifts uno
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