Alex Albon Takes His DTM Car For A Red Bull Ring Hot Lap

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21 dag geleden

Fresh from his first DTM race in Monza, Alex Albon is at the Red Bull Ring for the Formula 1 Styrian and Austrian Grand Prix and he just so happened to bring his Ferrari 488 GT3 DTM car along with him. So we strapped ourselves in for a full send around our home track with our Test and Reserve driver.

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Angah Tse
Angah Tse 5 dagen geleden
488 GT3
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 6 dagen geleden
I miss Alex at RB F1
Hair 7 dagen geleden
Aw man that hamilton situation must still burn! Albon is such a good dude
D3Vlicious 8 dagen geleden
Anyone know what car DC was in at the start?
Strixxiy YT
Strixxiy YT 9 dagen geleden
Especially if theres a-um mercedes side by side with you. THIS GUY IS SUCH A SORE LOSER FLASHBACK COMES BACK
joe mama
joe mama 9 dagen geleden
1:43 He was warning max about what was to come
Fiona Wang
Fiona Wang 11 dagen geleden
Always happy to see Alex!
Jasper Ang
Jasper Ang 13 dagen geleden
sad Albonony got dropped
Chris Yan
Chris Yan 15 dagen geleden
1:45 make sure to leave a lot of space, especially if there's a Mercedes side by side with you."
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 15 dagen geleden
1:41 Haha
J-LeeOfficial 15 dagen geleden
What car is David driving?
Lo'Fi Ghost
Lo'Fi Ghost 15 dagen geleden
Love that shot he took at lewis😂🤌
Nyamo.P 15 dagen geleden
this Alex Albon guy could be a great youtuber.... wait we already have that
Questchaun 15 dagen geleden
This is the best place for him. Far. Far. Far. Away from f1
Jon Irenicus
Jon Irenicus 16 dagen geleden
Alex should be racing in F1…
Gabriel Miranda
Gabriel Miranda 16 dagen geleden
gotta love albono.
Gabriel Miranda
Gabriel Miranda 16 dagen geleden
day 1 of commenting on red bull videos to get albono back in a F1 seat
D P 16 dagen geleden
Lol.. At turn 4.. "Make sure you leave a lot of space space. Especially if there's a Mercedes side by side with you." 🤣 He must have a lot of experiences during FP runs
erne mex
erne mex 16 dagen geleden
Great driver .
Cristian Cardona
Cristian Cardona 17 dagen geleden
You'll be coming back to the F1 soon.
bxgel 17 dagen geleden
That first livery was SICK
廖倒LiaoDown 17 dagen geleden
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle 17 dagen geleden
There were tears in that one sentence
Ricky P.
Ricky P. 17 dagen geleden
“And uummm I miss f1”
djdsf 17 dagen geleden
Can y'all stop trying to make this guy relevant? He lost all credibility after saying that they race him too hard
Fazil Muhammed
Fazil Muhammed 17 dagen geleden
I want him on grid so bad😭
Wye Kit
Wye Kit 18 dagen geleden
So he didn't crash this time? Next..
Sravan Vijayan
Sravan Vijayan 18 dagen geleden
Which was the car dc was in
3Speedboy 18 dagen geleden
Better than Sergio
Sander Holvik
Sander Holvik 18 dagen geleden
It breaks my heart when he talks about the crash with Lewis.
Devansh Bhandari
Devansh Bhandari 18 dagen geleden
Get rid of yuki.. and give Alex his seat..
RayinSD 18 dagen geleden
Love Alex’s jab at Hamilton and Mercedes at turn 4. 😂
Estelle Legger
Estelle Legger 18 dagen geleden
Give us more videos of Alex!! He is greatly missed 😢
szewei1985 18 dagen geleden
Haha nice reference though
M A K O 18 dagen geleden
Literally raised by all women . Means he s a lovely gentleman/ but never n alpha male.
Joseph Andreanus Wijaya
Joseph Andreanus Wijaya 18 dagen geleden
Especially if there’s a Mercedes side-by-side with you 🤣 I see what you did there Alex
Mike Hatch
Mike Hatch 18 dagen geleden
DC & AB, wick it up.
Aniruddha Das
Aniruddha Das 18 dagen geleden
Awal Ahmad
Awal Ahmad 19 dagen geleden
Ayolah musim depan albon kembalilahke f1
giordano paparelli
giordano paparelli 19 dagen geleden
I want Alex again on the grid
Kayra Çelik
Kayra Çelik 19 dagen geleden
What car is DC driving looks really nice
TH Flim X2
TH Flim X2 19 dagen geleden
Bernard Laureys
Bernard Laureys 19 dagen geleden
1:45 I felt that
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho 19 dagen geleden
Albon looks like a nice guy Wish him the best always
Michael Adhi
Michael Adhi 19 dagen geleden
Mercedes!!! "fist to the sky" - Albon, every morning, probably.
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 19 dagen geleden
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados ..
Sredna 19 dagen geleden
Albon deserves the same chance Gasly had to redeem himself. Remember Perez was picked to a top tier team as a rookie and wasnt able to live up to expectations, but he spent years in the midfield teams improving his craft and is now a vital part of the RB team!
Paul Adolfs
Paul Adolfs 2 dagen geleden
and just how vital is that at the moment?
Eddie Yakin
Eddie Yakin 17 dagen geleden
It was kind of different situation because checo wasn’t a rookie and he went into a heavily declining mclaren team alongside Jenson Button. That was a much more difficult situation but Albon deserve another chance
Brendan Ryder
Brendan Ryder 20 dagen geleden
PACKSTRADER-Fifa mobile 2
PACKSTRADER-Fifa mobile 2 20 dagen geleden
Nice helmet
Qwiks 20 dagen geleden
You mean Max Verstappen & Red Bull Ring :D
Hitolf Adler
Hitolf Adler 20 dagen geleden
1:30 You should have shown the track all the time alex was commenting
Nice Garry
Nice Garry 20 dagen geleden
he means if there is lando next to you not giving enough room
Nozo Poke
Nozo Poke 20 dagen geleden
1:50 he knows a thing or two about spinning in the gravel
Viniveryown 20 dagen geleden
"Make sure to leave a lot of space, especially if there's merc side by side with you" good not that old days
Govinderan Pillay
Govinderan Pillay 20 dagen geleden
Alex has been such an asset to redbull this season. The amount of info hes been giving checo and the whole team thanks to his sim laps is probably part of the reason why they're doing so well. Great work alex
짤튭 20 dagen geleden
POOR Alex....
Rank S pilot, Tatenashi
Rank S pilot, Tatenashi 20 dagen geleden
These are DTM cars ?! They look more like GT2 cars !
adib z
adib z 20 dagen geleden
Alex is the reason why Checo doing fine with RB, although Checo is undeniably very experienced
Peter Peek
Peter Peek 20 dagen geleden
Japhet García
Japhet García 20 dagen geleden
Albon or checo? .___.
TomasZ 20 dagen geleden
Not many people can understand it but this guy is real deal. Not until You met really competitive Thai guy in any of the individual sports.
Rivat Maulana
Rivat Maulana 20 dagen geleden
1:40 Alex should give this advice to checo before the race
Brainy E
Brainy E 20 dagen geleden
Why those shitty camera angles focused on Alex face? damn
Eiyan P
Eiyan P 20 dagen geleden
Anyone know what is the car DC ride in the video?
Mr.screwy Gaming
Mr.screwy Gaming 20 dagen geleden
ONLY F1 20 dagen geleden
Red Bull please give him another chance, Pierre got one also shoudl Alex. He is so much better than people think he his.
Aegys TierOne
Aegys TierOne 20 dagen geleden
That Ferrari looks reaaaaalllly nice!
Wicaksono Budiman wise
Wicaksono Budiman wise 20 dagen geleden
Maybe if they keep Alex's seat, Both red bull and FIA can increase the market in the southeast Asia
Xabier Perez
Xabier Perez 20 dagen geleden
1:40 Epic.
BrickPsychosis 20 dagen geleden
Ritik Deshmukh
Ritik Deshmukh 20 dagen geleden
Especially if there's a mercedes side by side with you
maggie may
maggie may 20 dagen geleden
RBR knows we’re simp for Alex. Keep his content coming!
Footwork 20 dagen geleden
Albon looks good in Alpha Tauri colors (if you catch my drift). End the failed Tsunoda experiment.
TheKingkingg 20 dagen geleden
So happy for Alex that he is still getting to show his talents against all odds in his life journey, God bless you Alex.
Dennis Gjesdal
Dennis Gjesdal 20 dagen geleden
yuki out and Alex in for Alpha Tauri!
Mr Sinister
Mr Sinister 20 dagen geleden
I would like to see albon back in F1. I was suprised no one picked him up for the 2021 season
Fury Falcon
Fury Falcon 20 dagen geleden
They changed him so hard 😂 that he stated driving two seater from one
J_Wide 20 dagen geleden
watching Alex in a dtm car is so painful, you can just see his boredom going down the straights. he 100% needs another change at f1
shiznuts 20 dagen geleden
Wish him all the success in the world! The only measurement success should be is the size of the smile on your face! And I mean, if you can race just about any car for a living, I'd imagine that smile runs from ear to ear! Unless you're Kimi, then you're like 'it's like whatevz, my sunday hobby casual drive'. :P
Pablo Armata
Pablo Armata 20 dagen geleden
Give him Yuki,'s seat!!!
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps 20 dagen geleden
Wanted to see DC driving his Valkyrie.
AF26 20 dagen geleden
poor Alex was laughing in Spain without the S :(
Rafapov FF
Rafapov FF 21 dag geleden
"Make sure to leave a lot of space, especialy if there's a Mercedes side by side with you." Tips from the master Alex Albon.
Rowin 21 dag geleden
Super gt
2Fast4Mellow 21 dag geleden
Alex, if there is a Mercedes on your side, you're not going fast enough! It is a shame you're driving an AT car, if it we're a true Red Bull car, it would have given you extra 'wings' ;-)
Heathen Hammer
Heathen Hammer 21 dag geleden
so basically not showing a lap at all, just showing him.
Anco 21 dag geleden
"Hang on, forgot to upshift"
Jari Van Zetten
Jari Van Zetten 21 dag geleden
I would love to see this guy back in f1 he is a good driver if he not has to much pressure on his shoulders
SuperHizibizi 21 dag geleden
This car looks sick
Adam Ramage
Adam Ramage 21 dag geleden
which country spells curb with a "K"
Roberto JM
Roberto JM 21 dag geleden
Estoy más que convencido, que Alex reemplazará a Checo, solo está agarrando más confianza y conociendo los circuitos es un buen piloto con deseo de superación y tienen mucho apoyo en su familia
Adam Kulczyk
Adam Kulczyk 21 dag geleden
We want Alex back
Micke C-K
Micke C-K 21 dag geleden
Why effects on the voice?
Pansy Watkinson
Pansy Watkinson 21 dag geleden
Next year no Honda so hopefully no Tslownoda
Miganon 21 dag geleden
I hope Alex gets to drive for at least an FP session this season. Would be nice to at least see if it was really the unwieldy RB16 that was screwing him up.
Loxs 21 dag geleden
Why did Alex albon not move to alpha tauri/toro Rosso after he got replaced at red bull i mean he could have been a strong teammate alongside pierre (nothing against yuki)
jimthai 81
jimthai 81 21 dag geleden
Alex they race me so hard albon
Trần Vivo
Trần Vivo 21 dag geleden
Love Alex ❤️🇹🇭🇹🇭
Zain Haq
Zain Haq 21 dag geleden
Andrew T. Jones
Andrew T. Jones 21 dag geleden
"make sure to leave space if there is a Mercedes" 😂😂
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