Game To Glory Episode 3 | Red Bull Racing Esports | Sebastian Job's Drive For A Championship

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Red Bull Racing Honda

6 maanden geleden

In the final episode of Game To Glory, Sebastian Job prepares for the final round of the Porsche TAGHeuer Esports Supercup, one of the most competitive series in sim racing.

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Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 2 maanden geleden
The petite jaguar obviously guarantee because taurus biosynthetically compete unto a successful intestine. tan, remarkable beginner
Mikey Renshaw
Mikey Renshaw 3 maanden geleden
Massive achievement Seb! Well done!🏆🍾🎉
FailGamer_HD 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone have the Song from 5:19?
George Young
George Young 4 maanden geleden
What a brilliant series, this is the kind of stuff that the mainstream news and media should be following. Congrats Sebastian your an inspiration for esports.
Mikey Barrett
Mikey Barrett 4 maanden geleden
Amazing, emotional series! well done guys!
Raheel Ahmed
Raheel Ahmed 5 maanden geleden
I'm buying a sim and getting into it ....
The phenomenal pounslayer
The phenomenal pounslayer 6 maanden geleden
We need more of this phenomenal content
Ron Florax
Ron Florax 6 maanden geleden
Fabulous. What a great attitude and level of professionalism. Great lad!
Random Guy
Random Guy 6 maanden geleden
This is so wholesome man
Dan O'Leary
Dan O'Leary 6 maanden geleden
Great to see James May being such a supportive mum
Viper 6 maanden geleden
Ok, i am watching these 3 episodes in the wrong order. I started watching ep3 as it was the first uploaded video of the 3, lol. Red Bull, pls fix the order in case others do the same as me, lol
Dan 6 maanden geleden
iracing LOL
Harvey 6 maanden geleden
Hello Red bull keep up the great work love your videos.👍❤️
Dale S
Dale S 6 maanden geleden
You've got another fan there fella, well done. Well done too to the creators for putting together a great little docu during covid.
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV 6 maanden geleden
I'm just so happy for Mom, millions of kids not getting paid to play in their room. Impressive Focus, great stuff
Hunter Cihal
Hunter Cihal 6 maanden geleden
Wouldn't be the coolest thing if an esports driver got into F1? I mean, get these guys into cars!
Backware 6 maanden geleden
amazing video
Kasper Nyström
Kasper Nyström 6 maanden geleden
Crazy great series, amazing job guys!
CalvinnnnG 6 maanden geleden
Great watch! would love to see him have a go in Porsche Carrera Cup UK or something!
Henny Siglé
Henny Siglé 6 maanden geleden
Never enough ....
Calum Emmans
Calum Emmans 6 maanden geleden
McLaren should do something on james Baldwin now
Sean Slater
Sean Slater 6 maanden geleden
That was excellent, congrats to Seb on the championship. Great to see Red Bull involved in sim racing - they don't do things by halves.
DonZ meuheu
DonZ meuheu 6 maanden geleden
Amazing Series and really emotional to watch. Its great to see how proud your parents and even the neighbours are Seb and how they support you. Keep Going and keep pushing for the next Season. Wish you, Graham and Patrick a lot of luck for the next Championship🏎
topgunm 6 maanden geleden
Next generation stars will come from e-sports. Not everyone has the financial means to pursue racing, even at the gocart level. It's more or less who is the best rich kid to drive a car in any motorsports today. This will change!
BozeBever 6 maanden geleden
This series was amazing. Well edited! In Simracing everyone can be a winner. What a beautiful story Sebastian!
UncleHengz 6 maanden geleden
Valtteri Bottas: Porridge Sebastian Job: HAM SANDWICH!!!!!
Woo Faat
Woo Faat 6 maanden geleden
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 6 maanden geleden
Got a bit emosh watching that.......Great series guys
J wollly
J wollly 6 maanden geleden
elis TillmMirk
elis TillmMirk 6 maanden geleden
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Sam Van Dooren
Sam Van Dooren 6 maanden geleden
kenny-kent60 6 maanden geleden
Adith Gourneni
Adith Gourneni 6 maanden geleden
Матвей Золотухин
Матвей Золотухин 6 maanden geleden
Rydixx Master☑️
Rydixx Master☑️ 6 maanden geleden
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