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How fast are you? ⏱ Alex Albon takes you on a hot lap around the Yas Marina Circuit powered by Citrix technology! 👊

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Hy dra
Hy dra 3 maanden geleden
Damn I wish Alex will compete in F1 Again becuz he has a lot of potentials when it comes in racing like....YEA
Fardeen saifi
Fardeen saifi 4 maanden geleden
Mario 4 maanden geleden
@00:45 is he showing the middle finger? 😂
MEA 5 maanden geleden
Bye Alex We hope we see you in 2022 in a F1 car
ACR195 5 maanden geleden
My record is 1:35.149
Mauricio Preisser
Mauricio Preisser 6 maanden geleden
Drive, but to your house
Gabriele Scalco
Gabriele Scalco 6 maanden geleden
Let me say it only one more time, maybe the last: GEORGE!!!!!!!!!
XVllllll-llllllll 6 maanden geleden
I think he want to smile but he dont want to show it 😄
Greavsey 3333
Greavsey 3333 6 maanden geleden
Then verstappen does it and beats it by like 5 seconds
luca klijn
luca klijn 6 maanden geleden
MaxxieY 6 maanden geleden
My hotlap in time trial was 1.34.2 but in the mercedes i need to try in the red bull another time
Tommaso Bravo
Tommaso Bravo 6 maanden geleden
Yess I found Red Bull Racing on NLfast! Now I can die
Stefania Vita
Stefania Vita 6 maanden geleden
I 1 35 599
CoolGuy5200 6 maanden geleden
It's impossible
CoolGuy5200 6 maanden geleden
Like just how though
CoolGuy5200 6 maanden geleden
I tried beating his time and it impossible AF
Hud Chew
Hud Chew 6 maanden geleden
Kevin Espinoza
Kevin Espinoza 6 maanden geleden
Albon and Aston Martin left the chat,.. I mean the team
fran solis
fran solis 7 maanden geleden
His last virtual lap with Red Bull
Alex Téllez
Alex Téllez 6 maanden geleden
F1 2020
담릉 7 maanden geleden
what game is this?
kenny-kent60 6 maanden geleden
F1 2020
Thomas Pannier
Thomas Pannier 7 maanden geleden
Albon is noooooooob
Lemmy Boy33
Lemmy Boy33 7 maanden geleden
Feel sorry for him
Bhargav Sadineni
Bhargav Sadineni 7 maanden geleden
Mate....I went 1:32:737
Atzka Chen
Atzka Chen 7 maanden geleden
Remo Imbrogno
Remo Imbrogno 7 maanden geleden
Sorry about losing your seet in RedBull for 2021
Al Fernandez
Al Fernandez 7 maanden geleden
Is albon Still a Part of Red Bull??
Marcel Goldmann
Marcel Goldmann 7 maanden geleden
My best Time in Abu Dhabi is a 1:34.739 With a red Bull. ( on Controller)
Heartless sick again
Heartless sick again 7 maanden geleden
Just keep playing games my guy it's better for u
djdsf 7 maanden geleden
Who would have guessed that the RB YT channel was giving us hints at Albon's future job with the team. Nothing more than a Sim driver and tire warmer 🤣
Ninja Gumer
Ninja Gumer 7 maanden geleden
1:52 im fast 1:35:979 XDD
Siti Jamilah
Siti Jamilah 7 maanden geleden
So sad that he is leaving formula 1 😥
SpartanTV 7 maanden geleden
Now he is a full time sim driver
Stefche Macrae
Stefche Macrae 7 maanden geleden
He’s gunna be doing a few more virtual laps next year
EL3VEN FF 7 maanden geleden
Goodbye Alex Albon... #AA23 You stay in my heart for Thailand
Seesaasbrötchen 7 maanden geleden
His Face so Sad 😔
Bergkamp_is_the_goat 7 maanden geleden
Who is here after he got dropped lmao
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh 7 maanden geleden
Last drive for RBR ..
Mundo Futbol
Mundo Futbol 7 maanden geleden
my record is 1 minute 31 seconds and with f1 wheel
Vipex FN
Vipex FN 7 maanden geleden
1:35:2 Was My Hotlap Time
Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera
Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera 7 maanden geleden
I like your hair. I like your accent. And I love your attitude. Have a beautiful day! :)
Kiwi On Pizza
Kiwi On Pizza 7 maanden geleden
Hello Super GT Viewers here... whoops, wrong channel
Jeff Jang
Jeff Jang 7 maanden geleden
nlfast.info/head/zIub04zYrJapbIY/video A 6-Year-Old Cart Whiz Kid Came Back as a REAL RACER
fai stone
fai stone 7 maanden geleden
23 23 23 23 23 23
Prakan Vong
Prakan Vong 7 maanden geleden
Franek Przewozny
Franek Przewozny 7 maanden geleden
Jacek Szekalski
Jacek Szekalski 7 maanden geleden
Анатолий Знахарь
Анатолий Знахарь 7 maanden geleden
Save Dany Kvyat!!! In Red Bull
Hendra Irawan
Hendra Irawan 7 maanden geleden
this using citrix virtual apps and desktop product right?
ItsJirr 7 maanden geleden
Don't have f1 2020 yet sadly, but tried in f1 2019! In the Red Bull, fastest lap is 1:37:904.
Bautistas Lopez
Bautistas Lopez 7 maanden geleden
Bruna Maria Palma
Bruna Maria Palma 7 maanden geleden
let him stay, he deserves one more chance
wildbill 3 maanden geleden
Randy Muwardani
Randy Muwardani 5 maanden geleden
Paper Plays
Paper Plays 6 maanden geleden
Jen Ethan
Jen Ethan 7 maanden geleden
I got 1:35.554 on mercedes F1 2020 Codemasters, Really Happy about this 😁 nlfast.info/head/zniyqK3Eeq1ojqw/video
vu hg fttg
vu hg fttg 7 maanden geleden
Close to his time in q3. 1:35:571
Krisse Gaming
Krisse Gaming 7 maanden geleden
I done a 1:33:648
50 50 bread
50 50 bread 7 maanden geleden
i did a 1:35.040
Ridho Addurrunnafis
Ridho Addurrunnafis 7 maanden geleden
Albon: Calm Max: Focused
Sonokido 7 maanden geleden
still slower than Rosberg's lap
xXW1tcher 7 maanden geleden
only 1 tenths of his q3 lap
TUBU EAGLE mixed TV 7 maanden geleden
Virtual F1 ok Normal F1 😬... Perez mehr schneller wie Hulkenberg!!!!!! Perez schneller als Verstappen... Erlich!! Horner Und Verstappen villeicht angs von Perez??? 💯% Hulkenberg Zu langsam 2021 gleich wie 2020. Perez Und Verstappen fertig....stark pilot paar
Xabier Perez
Xabier Perez 7 maanden geleden
He finished qualifying with a 1:35:571. Surprinsingly close.
Alex Griaznov
Alex Griaznov 7 maanden geleden
Alex does not deserve to be in F1.
Fabian Haikal
Fabian Haikal 7 maanden geleden
My time is 01:35:147
A 7 maanden geleden
Well he is slower than nico rosberg in the game almost 1 sec
Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova 7 maanden geleden
Yeah the lap was shit
Shreyas Kumar
Shreyas Kumar 7 maanden geleden
everyone :D is faster
Simon 7 maanden geleden
Now let’s imagine Sergio Perez in that seat
Dimitrije Vukićević
Dimitrije Vukićević 7 maanden geleden
He is always faster in the game than in real life
SNL LOADED 7 maanden geleden
Watch him still crash irl🤣😂
onetripwonders 7 maanden geleden
the most annoying lap to get right in the F1 calendar. Alex aces it of course.....
Flagship Gaming
Flagship Gaming 7 maanden geleden
sKr1Lex 7 maanden geleden
I like how he performes better IG rather than irl
Shimmel 7 maanden geleden
I am probably slower, since I don't got a 5000$ racing setup
Jed Valenzuela
Jed Valenzuela 7 maanden geleden
This guy keeps under preforming
Caiden Seely
Caiden Seely 7 maanden geleden
Did he qualify like 7th in the 2nd best car? Would be accurate
Reza Achmad Fauzi
Reza Achmad Fauzi 7 maanden geleden
My time is 1.31, in RealRacing3
KrisMcCool 7 maanden geleden
Aaron Squire
Aaron Squire 7 maanden geleden
He better get used to the simulator...
M corp
M corp 7 maanden geleden
when youre virtual car drives better than the real car........
Avator 7 maanden geleden
it feels weird to know that this hot laps are recorded the same day
Aron. 7 maanden geleden
at least he blinks
Noa1nl 7 maanden geleden
i managed to get a 1:33.548 l check out my latest video for the lap!
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon 7 maanden geleden
Get Perez in. Albon too inconsistent
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 7 maanden geleden
A think ale could go faster. Hearing the engine sound and his track line, i mean. At leat 6 tenths.
Kuba 7 maanden geleden
I love him so much, please keep him❤️
Shiv Kothari
Shiv Kothari 7 maanden geleden
Albon driving his car for next year 😂
fran solis
fran solis 7 maanden geleden
Or driving for last time his car
Mr. J
Mr. J 7 maanden geleden
hello from Dubai, I got it done in f1 2020 in 1:34.542 all assists off. nice try tho Alex
sTc PreCiSe
sTc PreCiSe 7 maanden geleden
he's using the default setup and a good setup can get u around 1.5 to 2 seconds
Ralffe 7 maanden geleden
I just noticed that Albon is wearing very simple shoes. I never noticed it until now.
Avator 7 maanden geleden
yeah, but i think all this hot laps are recorded the same day
benji_evo 7 maanden geleden
i did a 1:34.5
Everything car bro
Everything car bro 7 maanden geleden
Not to be negative I think red bull is gonna give Alex the last drive in the red bull car so they let him drive the sim and make video lol
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire 7 maanden geleden
Nataniel Natania Setyatama
Nataniel Natania Setyatama 7 maanden geleden
Wow. Alex Albon is great, driving F1
Luis uzziel Flores trejo
Luis uzziel Flores trejo 7 maanden geleden
Checoooo checooooo checoooo....!!
Jeremy Sebastian
Jeremy Sebastian 7 maanden geleden
Why do albon looks like a depressed guy ?
Ralffe 7 maanden geleden
Usually he is a very cheery guy but I think he has these people calling him unworthy of the seat. That effects a person
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 7 maanden geleden
Alex showed me how to take the final turn
memento 7 maanden geleden
Welcome to Seoul! Alex
Adrian De los Santos
Adrian De los Santos 7 maanden geleden
so weak cute boy
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal 7 maanden geleden
We want Max doing these
Arman Romana
Arman Romana 7 maanden geleden
why dont they use ers?
Carlos Andrade
Carlos Andrade 7 maanden geleden
1 34 564
Panuch Chum
Panuch Chum 7 maanden geleden
👍Keep fighting Alex !🎉 🧡We're always beside you.🤟 🏆Hope you win in this weekend.🏆 🎊"Safe Alex to stay in RB F1"🏎
X 537
X 537 7 maanden geleden
@fran solis Red Bull signed with Checo
Devon Buttlord
Devon Buttlord 7 maanden geleden
@Terence Carlo sometimes hes good but when max is out he need to get a podium or a win p6 is only ok and his crash in bahrain,spun in istanbul,and yes get a podium in the bahrain race but beetwen max and albon was 30 sec
fran solis
fran solis 7 maanden geleden
I prefer Checo there, he won a race with RP, I wanna know what he can do with a RB :)
Terence Carlo
Terence Carlo 7 maanden geleden
@Devon Buttlord WTF!
Devon Buttlord
Devon Buttlord 7 maanden geleden
J 7 maanden geleden
As uninspiring as Alex is, he did have some sweet lines through the hotel section.
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix 7 maanden geleden
This track looks so boring for an F1 car