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A rapid lap at Red Bull Ring! But can you better Max Verstappen's time as Formula 1 heads to Austria for the Styria and Austrian Grand Prix, on Codemasters' F1 2020?

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Hairi 2 dagen geleden
Nice but I did a 1:03:7
Habib Yilmaz
Habib Yilmaz 5 dagen geleden
Seks Verstappen
Derick Rodriguez
Derick Rodriguez 9 dagen geleden
My best was 105.039
kurd kurd
kurd kurd 15 dagen geleden
Seena 932
Seena 932 20 dagen geleden
I got a 1:03:743
Tim Huisman
Tim Huisman 21 dag geleden
What's the setup? 😍
Khaled Iqbal
Khaled Iqbal 21 dag geleden
Mercedes amg petronas f1 is better than red bull
Khaled Iqbal
Khaled Iqbal 21 dag geleden
Lewis is better than max
Jet Fusion
Jet Fusion 22 dagen geleden
Your steering wheel gives me a woody
Darin Traver
Darin Traver 23 dagen geleden
I don’t get Red Bull ?? F1 costs Red Bull around 100 million dollars a year and you guys only post Max playing the virtual race ??? He won for gods sake post something !?!?!?
Stefan O.
Stefan O. 24 dagen geleden
Tjommy 24 dagen geleden
Road to the 1 m
DevilG 24 dagen geleden
Go Verstappen!!!! One great race after another! 🥳
MooMooMlk CA
MooMooMlk CA 24 dagen geleden
max using traction control lol
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS 24 dagen geleden
Congrats again Max ,Red Bull team & Honda Team, Checo and Pit Stop team and behind the races wat een mooie races, mijn zoon Jerich is vandaag jarig en Jem deze 7 juli ... bedankt Max
Darin Traver
Darin Traver 24 dagen geleden
He just won that race today…. No post yet ???
Vipin Nath
Vipin Nath 25 dagen geleden
This same thing I was doing for Years on Keyboard, but the car doesn't have grip or going off the track!
GaboGLi GTr
GaboGLi GTr 25 dagen geleden
Please. Don't hire #ChecoPerez for next season, you have better drivers in your team.
Juan Camilo Mendivelso Prieto. santoto
Juan Camilo Mendivelso Prieto. santoto 26 dagen geleden
Pole again 😎🤙
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 26 dagen geleden
Will Max be ever breaking the world record for being the longest or will he end up being a Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1? Kimi won it after 6, Alonso /Hamilton/Vettel won after his 3rd. Unfortunately he is another Nigel.😩
Cabroz 27 dagen geleden
Another crazy thing you guys should do is, go into a low gravity simulator [not auctualy in space] and have your pit crew change the cars tires in low gravity lol!
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 27 dagen geleden
Whats his force feedback on?
LIGHTNINX 28 dagen geleden
How to get free redbull?
Kenneth 28 dagen geleden
Is it just me that counted how many time he blinked with his eyes? 👀
DEMOKRAT GÖRÜS 29 dagen geleden
He almost never closed his eyes, I think there is an exercise for that too..
Sandesh Perera
Sandesh Perera 29 dagen geleden
Well Max went even faster than in a game in real life
Essi Game
Essi Game 29 dagen geleden
my time 1.04.148 :D
Paolo Avila
Paolo Avila 29 dagen geleden
szewei1985 Maand geleden
Haha nice
Space Man
Space Man Maand geleden
Sometimes I cry and I'm not sure why.
duckbow Maand geleden
Where is Behind the Charge for Checo's win?
YAMRAAJ Maand geleden
C Ro
C Ro Maand geleden
He blinked twice the entire lap
Thomas Chalmers
Thomas Chalmers Maand geleden
Done a 1:04:36 but in the merc
melroy dambrink
melroy dambrink Maand geleden
Need a little more practice, did a 1:15,98 😂😂 almost there lol
dont be liar GOD BLESS
dont be liar GOD BLESS Maand geleden
CONGRATS Max, Red Bull& Honda team, Pit stop team and the rest behimd the race, CONGRATS Checo for giving us Adrenaline but my Son was Sad that u didn't in the Podium, Hoping for the Next time the 2 of u...nogmaals gefeliciteerd Max, groetjes van Wormerveer
浅野ゆうお Maand geleden
Marcos Rojas
Marcos Rojas Maand geleden
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022
Qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2022 Maand geleden
Yes Red bull 4 wins in row 🏆🏆
Darin Traver
Darin Traver Maand geleden
Max won the F1 today !!! Let’s go !
Mevinu Gunaratne
Mevinu Gunaratne Maand geleden
Next time make sure that perez is also a part of your team You just cost him a podium because of the slow stop but then max got a 2 second stop How!!!!
Rahath Unnisa
Rahath Unnisa Maand geleden
which game is this ?
JarodFrame Maand geleden
Sabeh Hassan
Sabeh Hassan Maand geleden
He qualified faster on the real track vs sim
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Maand geleden
Maxi Zenklusen
Maxi Zenklusen Maand geleden
Sebastián Saravia
Sebastián Saravia Maand geleden
He was faster in the real life qualifying than in the sim!!
Roy Femenella
Roy Femenella Maand geleden
Incredible that Max's pole lap in real life was a half second faster than this.
Jamie Dunn
Jamie Dunn Maand geleden
He qualified faster for the actual race than he did in the sim lol unreal
Jeremiah Powell
Jeremiah Powell Maand geleden
He did better in real life
BlauLicht TV
BlauLicht TV Maand geleden
Your Qualifying time was 1.039 and you are my favorite Driver :)
Darin Traver
Darin Traver Maand geleden
He just got a 103 !!! And secured pole for tomorrow !!
Epico Maand geleden
dαriuss Maand geleden
the fact that he is using f1 2020 as a "sim" and using traction control and abs assist is nerve racking
Anwar Aslander
Anwar Aslander Maand geleden
Wanneer je ziet dat max op de baan sneller is dan op de sim 🤯
adithya v krishna
adithya v krishna Maand geleden
Anyone seeing this after his pole... Cuz he drove much faster in real life😮🔥💯...
Dzuseppe Maand geleden
Today less them 1:04 ;o
IP O Maand geleden
He just got POLE!
Juani C.
Juani C. Maand geleden
Better hamilton
Cam Alex
Cam Alex Maand geleden
Nobody The FIA: Sorry max too many track violations especially at corner 11 lap doesn't count
IP O Maand geleden
Got pole now
Full guys
Full guys Maand geleden
Surasak kanokkaew
Surasak kanokkaew Maand geleden
yz yz
yz yz Maand geleden
To slow
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia Maand geleden
Didnt even blink
Mohd Ibtisyam892
Mohd Ibtisyam892 Maand geleden
real time 1:05 something..
Alex69 gtr
Alex69 gtr Maand geleden
Ver.....No Power no Power....Biiiiiip Horner.......Box box
Brunoblauthbrasil Maand geleden
Max... por favor, muda a câmera!
Gabriel Lord
Gabriel Lord Maand geleden
Max looks phased! "😐"-Max
Sunset Design
Sunset Design Maand geleden
Now its the time for checo virtual lap👊🏼
Mark L
Mark L Maand geleden
First time watched his feet. Cool! Second time watched his hands. Cool! Third time watched the track...Sweet baby Jeebus that’s terrifying!!!
Off Numb
Off Numb Maand geleden
Where is checo’s win video ???
itsmarkopolo Maand geleden
Did a 1:03.920
Alencar Santos
Alencar Santos Maand geleden
filipe beat
filipe beat Maand geleden
why so much input lag? dam billion dollars mfs still havin input lag in 2021 wow wtf unplayable i would refuse to play in such a piece of shit lmao fo real, no way
HUMAN AI Maand geleden
Locked tf in
Brucie Maand geleden
Thanks Max! My lap 1:04.427 nlfast.info/head/z5O8xa2YgtBnraA/video
Hwanoh Chung
Hwanoh Chung Maand geleden
I presume that the pole time will be around 1:04.40
Daniel Araya
Daniel Araya Maand geleden
I always get that groovy dancing feeling with that rythem at the beginning and end.🤣🤣😂😅😁😆
Habib Yilmaz
Habib Yilmaz Maand geleden
Red Bull noob 2. 1.Mercedes yeee☺
boss2654 Maand geleden
Meh not bad. I got 0:58.36
Dennis Mak
Dennis Mak Maand geleden
Jarno opmeer reacting on this: what a noob
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire Maand geleden
charlie ast
charlie ast Maand geleden
Se sale de los límites de la pista
chissi Maand geleden
played like 2h straight to beat his time by 00:00.04
Tobias Kristensen Krogh
Tobias Kristensen Krogh Maand geleden
My time 1:03 .218
Rowan de gooned 033
Rowan de gooned 033 Maand geleden
My time is 1.03.9
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze Maand geleden
Very unique style which is impossible to repeat. Watch the turn one steering again.
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez Maand geleden
Comments are normally ignored, but I wish that God save each of our families from all this pandemic that has us stalking
CRT I Collin
CRT I Collin Maand geleden
04.37😅 my quickest in short qualifying was a 2.9
bedboiko Maand geleden
Blinked just twice
Stanleeyhs TV
Stanleeyhs TV Maand geleden
1.05 in p1 ??? 1.04 in simulator ?? I guess its not real simulation :)
Stanleeyhs TV
Stanleeyhs TV Maand geleden
Piloto Maand geleden
definitely im gonna try to beat his time on the game, i feel challenged you know 😂
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas Maand geleden
Y checo pa cuando?
Ron DLH Maand geleden
Max is just magic, F1 is fun again :D
raymoendo828 Maand geleden
Nice! And 10x better than most using noob T Cam because “cockpit view is undrivable”. Amateurs
Hell Cat
Hell Cat Maand geleden
And Checo ?
Wilson Lakra
Wilson Lakra Maand geleden
gooooooo maxxxxxxxxyyyyyyy
Wesley Welsh
Wesley Welsh Maand geleden
Does anyone know what settings he is using?
Aegys TierOne
Aegys TierOne Maand geleden
the amount of computing power to crunch all that detail must be intense.
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