Kolejowy Lis
Kolejowy Lis 12 uur geleden
Ga 40
Ga 40 13 uur geleden
Bring back Kvyat seat in Redbull
KatsEatSushi 13 uur geleden
Man, now I want a RedBull! Cheers guys this was so cool.
TerrorMau5 17 uur geleden
Danny Ric is a Bull with alot of Shit Get OUR BULL BACK CHRISTIAN FFS!
TerrorMau5 18 uur geleden
Rb after this: we aint mad just dissapointed.
Keon Francis
Keon Francis 19 uur geleden
God loves you all! He sent His Son to die for your sins so you could be forgiven and so He can save you from hell and give you life forever with Him in Heaven. He offers this gift to everyone, no matter what you have done. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and be saved! He gives you the ability to have life! Seek Him before it is too late. May God bless you all and your family!
Fatmanur erölmez
Fatmanur erölmez 19 uur geleden
Fatmanur erölmez
Fatmanur erölmez 19 uur geleden
BMC 19 uur geleden
Name another duo in F1 with better chins than these two
LordLausi 19 uur geleden
Inge Inge
Inge Inge 20 uur geleden
Owen Gray
Owen Gray 21 uur geleden
Good to see your ok max 👍👍👍
HJS 23 uur geleden
Respect for all the crew. It's take a lot of effort just to make 8 min actual video. Well done
Falcon-1 Dag geleden
ça m'a tué de rire cette vidéo bordel x)
Ng Chou Wei
Ng Chou Wei Dag geleden
My favourite F1 driver...... Daniel🥰
Ben Luevano
Ben Luevano Dag geleden
I just heard Christian may go after the London bus for additional penalties for not letting Max pass him…
Voici mon compte Fortnite ajoute moi abonnez vous
Voici mon compte Fortnite ajoute moi abonnez vous Dag geleden
Lol sleep with me from Max Verstappen
Reem K
Reem K Dag geleden
Ok he can actually sing
Reem K
Reem K Dag geleden
The double letter thing explains why Gasly and Albon never made it at Red Bull
Рустам Dag geleden
Непривычно видеть пилотов формулы 1 за рулём дрифткара
Minimum Cinnamon
Minimum Cinnamon Dag geleden
Pebble : *hey.*
Minimum Cinnamon
Minimum Cinnamon Dag geleden
Pebble : *hey.*
Reem K
Reem K Dag geleden
This is actually a great interview, not some silly questions. So glad they got them to talk abt some serious stuff including being teammates and the rivalry.
Daniel 2345
Daniel 2345 Dag geleden
I miss these 2 so much, Max and Daniel videos are gold.
Valerie Ludong
Valerie Ludong Dag geleden
the song is pretty sick 🔥🔥, anyone know the title and artist? 1:16 mark
crispityy Dag geleden
Faridq Ridzuan
Faridq Ridzuan Dag geleden
He celebrated with style, pinache, enthusiasm..then starts drinking out of his shoe
BKV Dag geleden
11th :)
Info Ra
Info Ra Dag geleden
Ugly pathos. For what? What life wise does it bring? Ugly sound This car sound and car signs spoil all the appearance of beauties of nature, people, traditions. It s not linkable!! Those cars are not worse even a leaf of a nature
ReXzo Dag geleden
Cant wait for Behind The Charge for the British GP
Good gold Apj
Good gold Apj Dag geleden
2:00 it is dutch but it sounds like germany
Kedi hastası
Kedi hastası Dag geleden
Vol gas door Eau Rouge must be full gas through Eau Rouge I guess
rash averak
rash averak Dag geleden
Neco podobne trapneho se jen tak nevidi, prekvapive jedine na co se dalo divat bylo Slovenske letiste s jejich velkohorami rozumne velikosti.
2003 Kod
2003 Kod Dag geleden
Fexs Dag geleden
sounds Like a Pagani Zonda R Lol
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua Dag geleden
At first I was like, that looks like Hawaii but Hawaii is not a country lol. But yeah I recognise it cause Holloway always holds it, surprised Danny didn't get it
Ray 832
Ray 832 Dag geleden
Man! Nothing against modern F1 but this what an F1 car sound like
Myung Suk Lee
Myung Suk Lee Dag geleden
Funny watching them reminisce on their time in the sport. Idk why so cool
nick z_e_e
nick z_e_e Dag geleden
Why do you here a f1 v10 at 1:38
Gonçalo Duarte
Gonçalo Duarte Dag geleden
red Bull is shit
Theo Camargo
Theo Camargo Dag geleden
just discovered that the life of a bolt is waaaaay more interesting than mine.
franqr plays
franqr plays Dag geleden
You guys are way better than merc
Jaxon Loyen
Jaxon Loyen Dag geleden
POV: you’ve come back to this video after the new regulations for 2022 has been announced
Nemesis Dag geleden
God damn. I missed this. Even though I'm living in Galle I missed this. I was a kid before 7 years and now I am a big Formula fan. I'm broke af seen this coz I couldn't see this live. It's Danielle Ricciardo. Damn it. We need this back guys. We need this back. If you could bring Verstappen or Hamilton (even though he's not from redbull team)or anyone here, god... nothing will be that much exciting.
John Wick
John Wick Dag geleden
Shame he didn't get that far in the race 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ech hunn e gudde frend am red bull racing team
Sparx 2 dagen geleden
He sometimes holds the break a little even tho being on the straight for a while?
Антон Демченко
Антон Демченко 2 dagen geleden
Смотрим без перевода)
EierDop 2 dagen geleden
1:08 ‘The Horner Corner’
CarboNerd 2 dagen geleden
Haha sure they changed the center Ferrari logo to something else(can’t really see but rb logo?).
yorinke 2 dagen geleden
Zijn kamer is schoner dan mij kamer
Ashutosh Nagaria
Ashutosh Nagaria 2 dagen geleden
poor Daniel I hope he wins World Championship someday!
No Le
No Le 2 dagen geleden
Refuel every 10mins
Kem Allo
Kem Allo 2 dagen geleden
is this the next future? the space era ..
Skullz 2 dagen geleden
i just realized max is a lefty
Max de Graaf
Max de Graaf 2 dagen geleden
0:43 Fejiny vejedaga🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Aden
Joshua Aden 2 dagen geleden
Isn’t anyone wandering how Coulthard got a 1:17:960 Around AUSTRIA. THE SHORTEST TRACK ON THE CALENDAR
Avgeek India
Avgeek India 2 dagen geleden
Proud to know that a GOAT was made in my country
Misha S.
Misha S. 2 dagen geleden
Best duo ever!
Kem Allo
Kem Allo 2 dagen geleden
when we get to space how are we going to hold f1 races
Purple Durtle
Purple Durtle 2 dagen geleden
I wanna see this but with Daniel Riccardo
greggv8 2 dagen geleden
11:11 All white scenery, person and impact wrenches? Looks like they faked it all with CGI and that's the untextured rendering.
Hairi 2 dagen geleden
Nice but I did a 1:03:7
BIMLEY2014 2 dagen geleden
How do you know f1
Fathee Yusoof
Fathee Yusoof 2 dagen geleden
From Start Of Lap 2 I Almost Blinked In The Lap I Was Doing A Half Closed Eyes Until Lap 3 (Finish)
Dan M
Dan M 2 dagen geleden
Everyone gangster till the car hits a pothole
RyuZapU 2 dagen geleden
I’m 1st lol
RyuZapU 2 dagen geleden
10th lol
RyuZapU 2 dagen geleden
I feel proud being the 3rd comment
Shawn Galera
Shawn Galera 2 dagen geleden
Champagnepapi I guess they don't know Drake 😂
Potato 2 dagen geleden
Dani: f1 car Me on my Nissan 1997: 😢👍
Kem Allo
Kem Allo 2 dagen geleden
this is what i call an f1 track
AVIRAT 2 dagen geleden
Jeremy Stig
Jeremy Stig 2 dagen geleden
Is the track open to public? I wanna ride my bike on there haha.
Siomai Ethan
Siomai Ethan 2 dagen geleden
Alex indeed loves Tokyo Drift